10 Awesome Day Trips from Athens You Need to Experience Once in a Lifetime

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The capital city of Greece is a bustling city with an active nightlife and at the same time a city rich in history dating back to the 5th century BC. Athens is the best home base you could have to see all the archaeological sites. If you can’t get enough of the capital of Greece, here are the 10 Awesome day trips from Athens.

 Day Trips from Athens: Delphi

Considered to be the place where the Olympics originated, Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Private bus tours can get you there in 3 hours from Athens and will take you along the Parnassos Mountain. Breathtaking mountain views combine with elegant ruins to take you back in time to a place that was once the center of the world. History buffs will love the tours complete with a trip to the archeologist museum. But if you aren’t sold on a bus tour, you can cruise the islands.

Aegina, Poros and Hydra

Aegina, Poros and Hydra

With pick up service from most hotels in the area, a cruise tour is a great way to get a taste of the islands. The trip is an all-day affair that lasts 11 hours, so clear your schedule. The cruise comes complete with live entertainment, a guide, and food. Hydra will charm with cobblestone streets, Poros is green, lush and full of lovely beaches and Aegina has the historical flare including the Temple of Aphaea. Tours off the boat will cost extra but you won’t regret it. And after a day on a cruise ship, you might decide you want something different. So why not go by train?

Meteora – Day Trips from Athens


Hop on the train at Kalambaka Station and head out to two historic monasteries. Charge the batteries on your phone and digital camera because Meteora has incredible picturesque views of gigantic rock pillars and world famous monasteries which are built right into the mountains. This tour takes 14 hours and leaves 8:20 AM. Your guide will speak English and convey the history of the area to you. Round trip tickets are included. Monastery tours will cost you extra to enter. Once you’ve had a lovely time in Meteora enjoying the views, you might want to check out the sunset at the Temple of Poseidon.

Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

Day Trip to Athens - Temple of Poseidon

You can get to the Temple of Poseidon and Cape Sounion on a bus tour that takes 2 hours or by public transit. Cape Sounion gets hot, so it’s best to go earlier in the summer before the heat becomes too much. However, if it is hot, visit the temple and hop in the ocean at the Aegean Hotel to cool off. The view is unparalleled. Search for the Greek Tavern at the edge of the beach to sample the local seafood. If you don’t have time for an all-day excursion, sunset tours lasting 4 hours are available and leave from Athens around 5 pm. After more history and a nice swim in the Aegean, why not go shopping?


Day Trips from Athens - Nafplio

Take a car or bus from Athens and be in Nafplio, the first capital of Greece in 1.5-2 hours. Once in the old part of the city you can choose the bus or the more romantic horse-drawn carriage to get around. Cobblestone streets and quaint shops are just waiting to be explored in this picturesque town. Several beaches are dotted around for summer vacations so swimsuits are a must. From the beach, you can see Bourtzi, an old Venetian fortress. You can tour it or you can head over to Palamidi castle. Take a car or climb the 999 steps for an epic view. And that’s only a small taste of what you can do there. Once you’re done baking in the sun, another great trip to take would be Corinth.


Corinth - a day trip from Athens

Leaving from Syntagma Square, there is a 5 and a half hour tour to Corinth. Travel along the coast and get your fill of the elegant Corinth Canal and the Saronic Gulf. Once in Corinth, spend 90 minutes enjoying the archeological site. A guide will tell you the rich culture of the area where St. Paul was said to have preached for two years. The coaches are air-conditioned, and the site fees are included.

Nemean Wine Country

Additionally, all this culture calls for a drink! Take a 9-hour tour of Nemean Wine Country to experience 3500 years of traditional winemaking. With lunch, wine tasting and entrance fees included, you can take a small tour of Ancient Nemea. See the history and then visit a winery to learn about how far wine production has come in the last few thousand years. Enjoy lunch in a beautiful setting before hopping back into your coach and returned to Athens for a break before heading out for your next day trip.

Attica Countryside

Attica Countryside

Enjoy a leisurely ride from Athens to Attica in a private car on a half day tour lasting approximately 5.5 hours. Along the way,you can’t resist the beauty of the olive groves and surreal mountains in the  Attica region. Once there, visit the Brauron Archaeological Museum. Entrance to the museum is extra but reasonable. Though it is a small-scale museum, it houses the remains of the ancient temple of Athens’ history. Thus making it a huge part of Greece’s History. The area also boasts taverns and cafes to make your trip complete.

The Island of Aphaia

A self-guided electric motorbike tour is a more active way to take in Aphaia, once you take the ferry from Piraeus port. The tour is 9 hours and includes a mapped route that includes historical sites, museums, and attractions. Admire Tzikides village and several churches as the ride goes through forest areas. When you’re dropped back off at the pier, you can take the ferry back, rest up and be ready to hop back on an air-conditioned coach for your next trip.

Mycenae and Epidaurus

Travel to the fortified city of Mycenae where you enjoy a walking tour of the ruins. See the tomb of King Agamemnon, the Lion’s Gate and the palace. Continue on to see the grand Epidaurus Theater. Take the opportunity to sing in an ancient theater with perfect acoustics and check out the museum. The tour is 9 hours and drops you off back at the hotel.

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