Humayun’s Tomb – The Garden of Tombs in Delhi

Humayun's tomb in Delhi

Recently, I came across this article on India Then and Now which had a comparison between what some famous landmarks looked like in the past to what they now appear in the present. Among the many that I saw, I particularly was taken in by the picture of the famous UNESCO Site in Delhi – … Read more

A tryst with the Rainforest at The Habitat Penang Hill

The Giant Squirrel at Penang Hill

Penang in Malaysia continued to surprise me with its unique options of things to do here. First being the street art of Penang and then a visit to the Chew Jetty, discovering the heritage sites of George Town and then, the refreshing beach at Batu Ferringhi. One would think that I was done with all … Read more

Pinang Peranakan Mansion: The Chinese Way of Life in Penang

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Penang for me, was a delightful destination  – not just for its variety of things to do but for its seamless blend of three unique cultures – Chinese, Indian and British. In my last post on the Street Art in Penang, I shared how I found this was manifested in their street art but what … Read more

When Streets have Life – Penang Street Art

The Iconic Penang Street art by Ernest Zacharevic

Typically when you arrive at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you expect the tales of yesteryears preserved within the century-old walls. There is a certain thrill in walking along these to unravel those lost stories and that is possibly why I love these sites. However, this time, it was different. Not only did the streets … Read more

Bandipur: A tale of a European Newari Town in Nepal

The charming Juliet Windows giving their European Touch to Bandipur

Have you heard of a European style town in Nepal? If your answer is No, then I know that I am only human – for before I visited Bandipur in Nepal, even I did not know a town of that sort even existed. For me, Bandipur was just a forest in South India. Thus, when … Read more

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