Things to do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Despite the fact that a lot of tourists love traveling to Kuala Lumpur, there are very few who, apart from shopping, are actually aware of the many pleasant surprises the city has to offer. From gazing at the iconic super skyscrapers of the Petronas Twin Towers, to diving in the company of sharks, here is … Read more

10 things to do in Shillong, Meghalaya

Wards Lake in Shillong

Earlier this year, I made my first venture to the unexplored paradise of India with Meghalaya as the focus. The stunning waterfalls, the mysterious caves and the thrilling wonders of nature like the Living Root Bridges made this trip an unforgettable one. Not just for me, but for my family as well. Particularly my daughter. … Read more

Detour to the Gulab Bari in Faizabad

The tomb of the Nawab at the Gulab Bari in Faizabad

With that call to rush out of The Residency in Lucknow, I reluctantly bundled up into the car to head to our next destination on the Epic Indo Nepal trip – Gorakhpur. With my GPS route set to the destination, I fiddled around to see other places of interest around Ayodhya where we were to … Read more

The Residency Lucknow: A Reminiscence of British India

The Residency Lucknow made for the British General

With the heritage trot through Old Lucknow, you might have got a glimpse of its history that extends beyond the Nawabs. The Hussainabad Ghanta Ghar to be precise, is what might have given it off. In case you have missed what this is about, take a peek at my last post on the Heritage Lucknow.You … Read more

Trotting along Heritage Lucknow through Rumi Darwaza

The Western side of the Rumi Darwaza at night with its single facade.

Whether you are a connoisseur of food or arts or heritage – there is no missing the epic city of the Nawabs – Lucknow. If you leave out the food bit, then the other two are what appeal to me. This was the city that popularized my chosen form of dance – Kathak and one … Read more

Chota Imambara: Glittering Palace of Lights in Lucknow

Chota Imambara - one of the places to visit in Lucknow

If the Bara Imambara in Lucknow was about the brilliance of the dark, twisted passages of the crypt – Bhool Bhulaiya, then visiting its younger cousin was all about a glittering jewel of the night. The Chota Imambara did not pale in comparison to its giant predecessor. It, in fact, shone brilliantly in the depths … Read more