5 Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Water Sports in Alibaug

Every once a while the hustle of your city life gets to you, especially when you are in the ‘city of dreams’- Mumbai. The city’s fast-paced life coupled with a hectic work schedule usually tires you out and an escape from this hum-drum of daily life becomes necessary. Mumbai is surrounded by beautiful tourist spots … Read more

Things to do in Paris

Eiffel Tower as seen from Tour Montparnase

Paris has an unparalleled charm and romantic beauty that has cemented it on the list of top places to visit before you die. However, to really appreciate its elusive pull, you must go beyond the crowded Champs-Elysées and Michelin-starred restaurants. It isn’t just defined by the same Paris tourist attractions you see on postcards or … Read more

Chitwan National Park: Of One Horned Rhinos & Crafty Ghariyals

One horned Rhino in Chitwan National Park

“It was almost as if I were the hero in the game Temple Run – meandering in a river, avoiding the seeming logs that turned out to be Ghariyals, swerving the whirlpools and most importantly, maintaining a balance”. The River Safari in Chitwan National Park was one thrilling experience, especially with 6 people on a log … Read more

Hampi – Trail one leading to Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple Hemakuta Hills Hampi 1

In my previous posts, I have mentioned Hampi several times and every time, I wonder how I would be able to do justice to this huge treasure trove of heritage. There are just so many places to see in Hampi that one post is not going to do justice to this place. A UNESCO heritage site, this … Read more