A Heritage Walk through Fontainhas in Panjim, Goa

Sloping roofs and eaves are common among the heritage homes of Fontainhas

The Blue house with the balcoas The yellows had the rooster The reds came with the shell windows While the greens displayed the Azulejos. Such was the beauty that I caught on an epic heritage walk in Fontainhas Goa Goa has always enthralled us with its gorgeous beaches – so much that not many of … Read more

Touxeachem Feast – The Cucumber Festival in Goa

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With my recent trip to Goa, I was fortunate to have experienced a unique festival – the Touxeachem Feast. “Touxeachem” means “Cucumber” in Konkani and hence, its popular name – the Cucumber Festival. This is an annual celebration held at Santana Church in the town of Talaulim, where childless couples visit St.Anne to request her for a child in … Read more

Indian Customs and Central Excise Museum, Goa

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One of the interesting things that I did to discover “Goa beyond beaches” was visiting the Indian Customs and Central Excise Museum in Panaji. I know that a name like “Indian Customs and Central Excise Museum” does sound uninteresting and you kind of wonder – What??? Is that even a museum? I did too, but when … Read more

Exploring the Santana Church, Goa

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I hope you had fun reading about my experience at the unique Cucumber festival or the Touxeachem feast at the Santana Church. While I had shared a cultural experience in my last post, I had also, mentioned that I found the venue of this experience interesting enough for me to explore further.  This 17th century … Read more

Travel with a selfie expert – OPPO F1s

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If you have been following me on my social channels, you would have noticed my recent obsession with Selfies. That was me brushing up my Selfie skills as I headed out for the launch of the new #SelfieExpert OPPO F1s phone in Mumbai. The launch itself was a star-studded affair with the Selfie Queen Sonam Kapoor … Read more

5 reasons to do a Spice Plantation tour in Goa

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India is often referred to as a “Land of Spices” and rightly so, given the spice-enriched flavors that one encounters across the length and breadth of our country. It is not unusual to find visitors to India carrying back myriad packets of these colorful and fragrant spices. However, the best way to appreciate these better is to … Read more

Guide to White Water Rafting in South & West India


One of my latest adventure activities was during my last trip – White Water rafting in Goa. Interestingly, when I shared my experience on my social channels, a lot of people were surprised to hear that this was available in Goa. Indeed it is and in my opinion, it is one of the “must do things … Read more