Living up in the Pench tree lodge by Pugdundee Safaris

The Pench Tree house was a fantasy come to life

Where the trees become your abode And the chirpy neighbours constantly tweet their ode. Even when the rain drops create a soulful tune You find yourself safe in this Pench tree lodge cocoon. Experience the charm of one of the best resorts in Pench National Park. Pugdundee Safaris Pench Tree Lodge resort delighted me with … Read more

Waghoba Eco Lodge by Pugdundee Safaris in Tadoba

The lounge and the constructed water body inside Waghoba Eco Lodge

Draw the curtains and stare at the refreshing green Unlock the doors to listen to the chirping sounds. Breezy trees & fluttering butterflies add to that vibrant scene This is life at Waghoba Eco Lodge’s natural playground. Discover what one of the best resorts in Tadoba National Park has to offer. From its eco-tourism and … Read more

Sunder Nursery Delhi – a heritage park in Delhi

Sunderwala Burj in the Delhi heritage park across Humayun's tomb

Right across the garden of tombs Lies a heritage park with colorful blooms. The serene tombs sit amid the carpet of flowers While the pretty birds flutter around the pools with showers. Discover how nature meets history in this heritage park in Delhi that is located in the buffer zone of Humayun’s tomb. Explore Sunder … Read more

Explore the best towns in Tuscany, Italy

Explore the best towns in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Italy is like a perfect dream for anyone interested in history, art, culture, food, and wine. With its vineyards, olive trees, and blue sky, it’s no surprise that many people consider it one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. And then there are those picturesque hills with medieval towns and villages on top. … Read more

Where Are The Best Places To Visit In Wales For Families? 2023 Guide

Wales is a perfect option for family days out owing to the diverse things to see

If you’re looking for an exciting family holiday in the UK, Wales is the perfect destination! There are numerous Wales attractions for families– from stunning beaches and mountains to historic castles and quaint villages. There are so many things to do that will keep children entertained, as well as plenty of activities suitable for all … Read more

Phobjikha Valley: Silence of the Black Mountains of Bhutan

Phobjikha Valley as seen from Gangtey Monastery

Have you ever experienced the silence of land – when the only sounds that you hear are fluttering prayer flags, the call of the birds, the tinkle of the prayer bells and the soothing calm of gushing water? A silence – so strong that you automatically lower your voice, even if you are gasping at … Read more