Announcing the launch of my book

When Places Come Alive

Stories whispered by different destinations

Drift with the winds to the place, where Midas turns everything to Gold” ­– the clue that set off Amy on a journey through Gold Coast.

“…. Death is but a new beginning. And you will see it for yourself. My end will bring a new life to not just me but these departed souls.” True to his promise, the old monk continues to return to the enigmatic valley of Bhutan.

Hidden within it is the secret of our lost clan, who they say still resides in the last village.” – reveals a Greek man to his teenage granddaughter who promises to find them.

When Places Come Alive is a collection of stories about destinations across the globe. Written by me, this book is bound to transport you to various travel destinations through these stories. Thrilling and intriguing, these tales stem from various legends, the culture and its people, the natural landscapes and heritage art forms that are practiced till date.

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Somya John On Amazon

“A collection of 10 beautiful shorts stories based on legends from different parts of the world that the writer has visited. Each story is narrated uniquely and transports you to that place and helps you understand the legend. This is a perfect book for a weekend, and I highly recommend it if you are a travel enthusiast. I can't wait to visit these places now...”

Lata Subramanian On Amazon

A place comes alive to a traveler when it's geography, living species and monuments speak of it's history. I remember seeing little ones run to the purported school building in Angkor Wat in my mind's eye. I also recall imagining artisans from 12th century India working on the friezes depicting the Mahabharata in the main complex. It's that experience of bring transported back in time to make a connection with people from a distant time and place that makes traveling so meaningful and enjoyable. Ami Bhat makes such an experience possible for armchair travelers with every story in her charmingly penned When Places Come Alive. She takes her readers and their imaginations on a journey traversing the Indian states of Kerala, Ladakh and Rajasthan to Venice in Italy and crisscrossing to Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. A thoroughly enjoyable read!

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Amar Good Reads

I like to visit places with a history, and when i did, i would always wonder how it was in different periods in history. Sometimes, this desire would be satiated if there was movie or a documentary about the place. In general, reading about the place did not really take me back in time. However, reading " When Places come Alive", i have to say the Author managed to take me back in time. I am not sure, if it was the simple narrative or the characterisation, but stories in the book made a profound impact. I sincerely wish she writes more of this and brings to life all the places she has visited. A true treat to read and experience, especially in paperback!!!

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Nirav Vora Amazon

I have always looked forward to visiting places which have some history or legend associated with it. The Mystique increases the desire always. And though I haven't yet found the chance to do this, this book goes a long long way to accomplishing this for me. A beautiful collection of short stories to capture the mind & imagination is what this book is all about. The style of writing coupled with the narration and the way the scenes, myths and stories are brought forward definitely makes this a page turner. Now I am even more set on visiting some of these places. 🙂 A highly recommended read especially if you love travelling and knowing about various legends and places. Looking forward to the next volume.

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Samarth Amazon

What an interesting way to talk about these hidden gems! In a story format so that it becomes very very relatable! It's like you are in the story.. I understood the title right after the first page of the first chapter on kuldhara. I absolutely loved it! I intend to see all the places now will relate to it much better! Two thumbs up!

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