Exploring the abandoned mansions of Chettinad

Abandoned mansion in Karaikudi

They enticed me from the first time I heard of them. Tales of their exquisite exteriors and intricate interiors beseeched me to see these abodes for myself. Plans were made but kept falling through. However, each failed attempt got my resolve to get there stronger till finally! It happened. I managed to get to Karaikudi … Read more

The Terracotta Horse Temple – The Ayyanar Temple of Chettinad

The Clay horses of Ayyanar Temple in Chettinad

Ever heard of a Terracotta Horse Temple? Maybe you know them as the Ayyanar Temples? No? Well, I hadn’t either till I stumbled upon one near Karaikudi. After visiting this one (the local name being Andavar Solai Temple), I am looking forward to visiting more of the Ayyanar Temples of Tamil Nadu. If you are … Read more