Romance at Carmel by the Sea

Romance at Carmel by the Sea

“A cosy little get-away with enough to do and yet, some quality time to spend between the two”   And exactly for this is Carmel by the Sea, a quaint little town, with gorgeous buildings, a feel of Europe, some lovely beaches and just enough to do & yet be together. Voted as one of the … Read more

10 beaches on the West coast of India, other than Goa

Beaches in India

When it comes to the West Coast of India, or for that matter, India itself, the first beach destination most think of is Goa! Though very well-developed and extremely popular, Goa is NOT the only beach destination along the Arabian Sea. Here, we present 10 amazing beaches in India you need to plan your next … Read more

Hampi – Route Two from Vittala Temple

The Stone Chariot of Vittala Temple, Hampi

I hope you are well rested after that beautiful Hampi trail through Virupaksha Temple and its surrounding wonders. With those memorable historic pieces, anyone would need to cool their senses – especially to recover and soak in the details. Assuming that you have done that, it is time to set out to explore the masterpiece … Read more

Mummy at the British Museum

Mummy Cask opened - Catch the actual bandaged Mummy in the same.

The British Museum in London, is a definite must-see for all first-timers in London. Most of us have the famed Madam Tussaud’s , Tower of London or the Buckingham Palace on our lists. Add this museum as well to the list of things to do in London. The British Museum houses treasures from the Roman … Read more

Exploring the Age-Old Angkor

Angkor Wat       

Choum reap sor!  (Hello in Khymer) Let’s set foot and proceed to the largest religious monument in the world – the Angkor Wat. Technically, Angkor Wat refers to the key UNESCO temple site but the entire Angkor archaeological park is a set of over 45 temples that belong to the Khymer times. The park is … Read more

Tips for comfortable and affordable Bangalore hotels

Empty roads of Bangalore when you rise early for a road trip

Bangalore – the IT capital of India and the Garden city of India, is a destination for business travelers as well as the tourists. Being a Bangalorean myself, I get this question quite often from various visitors – “Where are some good, reasonable Bangalore hotels?” With this post, I hope to attempt to explain this … Read more

Picking the best Ahmedabad hotels for tourists

1 Kankaria Carnival 1 Ahmedabad 1

Ahmedabad, known as the Manchester of India, is not just a business center but a very attractive tourist spot for most. From heritage spots to the Vintage car museums, Ahmedabad offers something from everyone.  A few key attractions here are the Akshardham temple, Kankaria lake, Sabarmati Ashram and Adalaj step well. And it is not … Read more