A Culinary Tour of Dubai


Ahlan Wah Sahlan!  (Welcome in Arabic) Soaking up culture is not complete without really having tickled your tastebuds with the traditional cuisine of that place. And that is what I am going to do today. Let us take a culinary tour with my suggestions of 5 things to experiment with while in Dubai. Being nomadic … Read more

Beyond just an IT city – Hyderabad

At Golconda Fort

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Hyderabad?  If it is just IT or information technology, then this post is for you. Coz Hyderabad is a lot more than just IT. With tons of culture, history and parks surrounding it, this place is an amazing tourist destination. Not … Read more

Busting the Wait

Travel books at a library

Waiting is a “means to the end” and for a traveler it means that you would have “arrived” at the end of the waiting. For a restless traveler like me, it adds to the restlessness. However, have figured a few sure shot ways of using the wait to add to the ultimate thrill of arriving … Read more

Responsibility in Tourism

1 IMG 2470

Every country and place has a different charm to it – be it the age-old historic charm or the beautiful landscape. Every place creates memories – some more than others and it is not always the beauty of the place that defines the strength of the memory. More often than not, it is the experience … Read more