Lost and Found – Alchi Monastery in Ladakh, India

The Chortens at Alchi Gompa

My first visit to Ladakh took me to the Lamayuru monastery – one they say is the oldest monastery in Ladakh. When this fact was shared during this visit, it also, sparked off an intense debate. Was it really the oldest or was Alchi Monastery the oldest? While Google settled Lamayuru as being the oldest, … Read more

Things to do in Munich

Things to do in Munich - Frauenkirche

The capital city of the largest state in Germany, home to the annual beer festival called Oktoberfest, and witness to history that changed the course of the world, Munich has a lot to offer to any traveler. From visiting elaborate museums and beautiful gardens to strolling down opulent palaces and historical marketplaces, there are a … Read more

Scouting the Ruins of Basgo Monastery in Ladakh

Getting close to Basgo Monastery in Leh

Pretty landscapes cruised past my window Causing my gasps to be caught in my throat. Then came those Basgo monastery ruins Replacing those gasps with a racing pulse – like an antidote. I stared at the pretty landscapes as our van tackled the curves to Alchi Monastery in Ladakh. My gasps at the stunning scenery … Read more

The colors of the Naropa Festival in Ladakh

Musicians accompanying the relics as they go around the Naro Photang

If the vibrancy of Hemis Monastery left you enlightened with knowledge, it is time to experience the colors of a famed Buddhist Festival – the Naropa Festival that is celebrated here. In my last post, I left you with a glimpse of these colors. The huge Buddhist Thangka unfurled at the Kumbh Mela of Himalayas … Read more

Enlightenment at the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh

The main Buddha in the hall

Ladakh had stolen my heart the last time and left me with a feeling of incompleteness as I could not see it all. Placid landscapes, hidden ruins and the chain of Buddhist Monasteries –  there were plenty of quests that awaited me. As fate had it, I returned this year to find my lost heart. Naropa … Read more