Giving it back to the community, inspired by Samsung

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This is quite an unusual post from me – none of those tips, none of those destinations. Just a pure thought and a question for all of us as travelers  – inspired by Samsung. Last evening while browsing, I came by this video from Samsung that set me thinking in this direction. First have a look … Read more

Tata Hexa – Your new companion on Road Trips

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Road Trips anywhere, are a perfect way to travel and discover places. I absolutely love them as it allows me to discover so many smaller places along the way. I love stopping by those small little restaurants and dhabas for some authentic local food. Some road trips have such gorgeous landscapes that you would otherwise … Read more

Magic of Mount Kelimutu in Flores, Indonesia

As the clouds blew over the craters and the sun rose over Kelimutu

From the vibrant culture of Bali to the scary Komodo dragons to the fantastic tri-colored beaches of Padar, Indonesia was turning out to be really colorful. What made it even more colorful was discovering another tri-colored wonder of nature – the three volcanic lakes of Mount Kelimutu. MAGICAL is the word to describe this entire experience … Read more

10 Travel Tips for Indonesia

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The first time I visited Indonesia was a few years back and that too, it was only Bali. With my recent visit, I not just managed Bali but a bit of the rest of the country. While I cannot claim to know the country with these visits, I definitely can share a few travel tips for Indonesia. … Read more

Tri-Colored beaches of Padar Island, Indonesia

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The Komodo National Park is not just about meeting the Komodo dragon but holds many more wonders.If you recall in my last post on the Komodo Dragons, I mentioned the three islands where these dragons are found – one of them being Padar Island. On the day we visited my new best friend – the … Read more

3 road trips to experience Rajasthan Tourism

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Judging from the queries that I have been getting on my last post on Jaipur, it appears that a lot of people are keen on Rajasthan tourism. It is not just Jaipur that seems to hold the charm. Everyone wants to cover more than this city. Rightly so, given the rich heritage and culture that … Read more

Selfie with the Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park

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I have a confession to make. I kind of, don’t like slithering, slimy reptiles. Ok! Scratch that! Let me give it to you straight – I am petrified of snakes and dislike the scaly lizards. When I heard that I was on a trip that would take me to see a giant monitor lizard – … Read more

My 5 discoveries of the Balinese Culture

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Besides its enchanting nature and beaches, Bali has always been known to enthrall people with its unique culture and aesthetic traditions. The first time I visited Bali was in 2010 and at that point too, I was quite taken in by this aspect of Bali. I just returned from my 2nd visit to Bali , a trip … Read more