Amsterdam vs Rotterdam: Which Dutch City Should You Explore?

Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam - which Dutch city should you visit?

One has history and culture that captures hearts The other has scene that vibes in music and arts Its always a dilemma to decide between Amsterdam And The Netherlands other city – Rotterdam. Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam – this is a choice that every traveler heading to The Netherlands faces. Get tips to make your decision … Read more

Best day trips from Rotterdam Netherlands

Day trips from Rotterdam helps you explore many places in Holland

Rotterdam is one of the largest cities in The Netherlands yet is not visited by travelers nearly as much as nearby and popular Amsterdam. Tourists & travelers who find their way to Rotterdam usually arrive for short-term work assignments or by a Cruise docking in the city center at the Rotterdam Passenger Terminal. In fact, … Read more

Things to do in Amsterdam

Main Amsterdam Attraction - Rijksmuseum

Growing up as a child in Switzerland with Dutch parents, I feel strongly rooted in the Netherlands, even though I never lived there. My husband George is a South African, and some of his ancestors emigrated from the Netherlands. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Amsterdam attracts us both and why we have … Read more