Haa Valley – A taste of Rustic Bhutan

Haa Valley - an offbeat destination in Bhutan

The Land of Happiness has always charmed its visitors with its positive vibes. These exude from varied aspects  – from its traditional dzongs to its pretty passes, the people and its culture to silent valleys. I had the fortune to experience these myriad shades of Bhutan. Among these, the one special one was a day … Read more

Things to do in Granada

The Spain tourist visa for Indians allows you access to Granada and all the other Spanish cities

My wife and I felt drawn to Spain before we even lived there. Something about the relaxed pace of life, the warm summer nights and the passion of the locals drew us to it. We also needed a break from three years of teaching English in China. So, we vouched to live there as digital nomads … Read more

5 Stunning Destinations for Winter Vacation in India

Winter Vacations in India

Come winters, and almost everyone begins to look up for destinations in India where they can spend a part of their holidays. The winter months are when Indian tourist spots reach their crescendo since this is a pleasant time to be anywhere, even the hottest regions. Winter in India is usually called the “Pink” of … Read more

The hidden trail of the Bhutanatha Group of Temples in Badami

Bhutanatha Temple as seen from Badami Caves

If you are on the Temple Evolution circuit of Aihole-Badami-Pattadakal, then you are bound to spot an attractive set of temples from Badami Caves. Right across the banks of Agasthya Lake, the Bhutanatha group of temples seem like living shrines. They seem complete but are not. The Bhutanatha temples are quite unassuming in the appearance … Read more