Things to do in Seville, Spain

Plaza de espana in Seviile, Spain

Seville is one of my favorite places to visit in Spain. It’s a diverse city, and the food is sublime. I love vibrant cities, and Seville does not disappoint. From its visiting its heritage spots and tapas bars to watching the unique street performers and its loquacious locals, there are so many things to do … Read more

The Towering Tale of Delhi – A Qutub Minar Guide

The tapering Qutub Minar has five stories and is located in the Mehrauli region of Delhi

“Is it your first time at the Qutub Minar in Delhi?” – your question. My answer – “Nope – not the first and not the 2nd either”. “Well then, you must be a scholar on all the Qutub Minar Information” – you might be saying. My answer at the beginning of my third tour – … Read more

A Travel Guide to the best of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Northern face of the Pagoda at Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai

Most of us have explored the coastline of Thailand and experienced the nightlife of its bustling capital. However, there are considerably fewer who have experienced the green mountains in the north. Located amid these mountains is one of the largest cities in Thailand – Chiang Mai. The city delighted me with its incredible blend of … Read more