21 Famous Landmarks in Rome that you must see

Trevi Fountain - an ancient water source fraught with a legend

The Ancient Romans believed that the City of Rome would always stand no matter how many empires rose and fell, gaining its nickname the Eternal City. Just as they perhaps prophesied, the Roman Empire is long gone but relics of its past still endure today, with each significant era adding its stamp to the city. … Read more

Amsterdam vs Rotterdam: Which Dutch City Should You Explore?

Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam - which Dutch city should you visit?

One has history and culture that captures hearts The other has scene that vibes in music and arts Its always a dilemma to decide between Amsterdam And The Netherlands other city – Rotterdam. Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam – this is a choice that every traveler heading to The Netherlands faces. Get tips to make your decision … Read more

15 Historical buildings in London that you must visit

Westminster Abbey in UK - this cannot be visited on a Schengen visa

London is a beautiful city to visit with so much on offer. England’s capital is well known for being home to quirky bars, fun foodie pop-ups, cultural spots and, of course, historic places. The last is one of the reasons why history buffs like me love visiting London. Steeped in history and brimming with architectural … Read more