Namaste! Welcome to India

Pangong Lake Tourism
 Where there are mountains in the north, and beaches down south. 
Mangroves grace its east, while deserts carpet the west.  
Here the colors contrast & blend pretty, adding beauty to this land of diversity  
Not just now but for eons together, this has been India's wealth forever!

A land of cultural & natural diversity

India, the 7th largest country in the world, is a diverse sensorial experience that can take over a lifetime to fully explore. Having spent most of my life here, I feel as if I have barely scratched the surface.

Galaganatha Temples - one of the group of monuments at Pattadakal

As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, India has a rich history that can send any heritage buff into a tizzy. From Neolithic caves to 11th-century temples, 15th-century mansions and 17th century Wonder of the World, there are plenty of puzzles to solve. Even in each of these eras, there are distinctive styles of art, architecture and culture. There is no one signature piece that would represent India.

If you are a nature and adventure seeker, you have a choice of adrenaline. You can dive deep into the Arabian Sea and discover lost cities or feel on top of the world by climbing the Himalayan peaks. Many have loved navigating through caves that are recorded as one of the longest ones in the world and then, there are some who have found joy rafting through the white waters of the Ganges.

As a food and culture connoisseur, you will be awestruck by how different each corner of the country can be. The famous tandoori chicken up north versus the spicy Chettinad chicken of the South will illustrate this very point. Add to that the distinct flavors of the same chaats in the west as compared to the ones in the east. The same goes in the art scene – most of which can be traced back to centuries.  

Kaimara Male Leopard that I saw during my Kabini Jeep Safari
Kaimara Male Leopard that I saw during my Kabini Jeep Safari

The varied forests of India are a complete delight for the wildlife and birding enthusiasts of the world. From the Himalayan jungles in the north to the tropical rainforests in the south, there is enough spotting to be done. Each ecosystem has its own special hero that ranges from big cats like lions and tigers to smaller critters like terrapins and flying squirrels. The birdlife has its own story of migrations and residents.

With such a variety, India can be quite overwhelming for a first-time traveler. Through this section of my website, I hope to make it easier not just for first-time visitors to India but also, for my fellow residents who wish to explore their own backyard. Navigate down to a section of your choice and find all the relevant posts that will inspire you to see this gem of a country – India.

Visiting India for the first time?

Get started with these travel tips for India

India is divided into 28 states and 8 union territories. .Each one of these states is a mini world of its own and will appeal to every possible kind of traveler. I can’t say that I have been to all of them as am making an attempt to share my recent travels in each region. There is plenty more that has to be seen and even more to be write about. These posts will allow you to discover India deeper, find weekend getaways from your towns and explore your own backyard – as I continue to do so.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

An archipelago of pristine beaches, intense history and tribal culture.

Andhra Pradesh

The Land of Kohinoor and the Rice Bowl of India.


The national capital that has been inhabited continuously since 6th- century BC


Sun, Sand, Sea, Rich Forests, Portuguese & Konkani culture – this is one of the most popular destinations in India


Land of Asiatic Lions, Powerful Temples, White Salt Fields & Pristine Beaches

Himachal Pradesh

Province of the Snowladen Mountains

Ladakh & Jammu & Kashmir

Two Union Territories with myriad colors of nature


The largest state of South India with beaches, forests, hills, and heritage destinations dating back to 5th-century


Home to the famous backwaters, diverse hill stations and pristine beaches

Madhya Pradesh

Famous for its wildlife and stunning heritage monuments


A powerful kingdom from times unknown with verdant hill stations, archaic caves and popular beaches


The abode of clouds with its numerous waterfalls, raw caving systems, unique living root bridges & fairytale valleys


Colorful heritage towns amidst the Thar desert


Home to the tallest Himalayan peak of India

Tamil Nadu

A melting pot of culture, tradition, heritage, architecture & food along with beaches, hills & forests


The Nizam’s Kingdom


The Devbhoomi (Land of Gods) in India

Uttar Pradesh

Agra, Varanasi, Lucknow, Ayodhya – places that draw travelers from across the world