13 Tips for staying healthy while traveling

Ami Bhat Travel Author Writer

It was a small sniffle that became a full blown cold when I reached my destination. The result – loss of taste, a mild headache and loss of sleep. Though minor, these niggles did dent my holiday experience. Check out these tips for staying healthy while traveling – just so that you do not face … Read more

Vadnagar Gujarat – a tiny town steeped in history

Vadnagar Kirti toran

Vadnagar railway station that marks the roots of humble beginnings Hatkeshwar temple that blesses your life’s innings. The Kirti torans that celebrate the Solankis architectural mastery Ánd the Buddhist ruins that date back to 3rd century history. Discover Vadnagar Gujarat – the home town of PM Modi with roots that go back to the Indus … Read more