Whispers of a Ghost Town – Dhanushkodi

The Erstwhile Railway station at Dhanushkodi

Ghost towns, with its mysteries, are always fascinating to visit them for the stories that are left behind. Dhanushkodi ghost town along the East coast of India, had been beckoning for a while. Finally, with the long weekend in August, we managed a long drive to this ghost town. Known popularly as the Ghost town … Read more

The Mystical Hamlet in the Hills: Landour, Mussoorie

IMG 2683 001

By now, I am guessing that you would have read of my Princess tale at Rokeby Manor in Landour. If you have missed that, have a look through this link. This fairy tale stay of mine would not have been complete without the fairytale kingdom of Landour. A small British styled town – Landour is a … Read more

10 reasons to visit Flores in Indonesia

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My last trip to Indonesia was discovering a world beyond Bali. There is no doubt that Bali is beautiful but wandering beyond it to explore the hidden gems of Flores Island was even more enthralling. Given my own experience, I would definitely recommend that one looks at including Flores, if they are headed to Indonesia. Here are … Read more

My fairy tale stay at Rokeby Manor in Landour, Mussoorie

IMG 2686

This weekend was my fairy tale weekend – it was like I was Snow White or Cinderella or one of those princesses who lived in a cute little wooden manor amidst the green and cool hills with not a care in the world. Landour, the quaint little hill station near Mussoorie, 2 hours from Dehra … Read more