A Kabini Stay with Kaav Safari Lodge

Kaav Safari Lodge - a lovely place for your Kabini Stay

It isn’t just the proximity to Bangalore that makes me fond of Kabini. It is just that the place has treated me to some really amazing wildlife sightings (Touch Wood). So naturally, when one of the Kabini resorts – Kaav Safari Lodge extended an invitation to me, I jumped with joy. True to my belief, … Read more

Best places to stay in Hyderabad as a tourist

Charminar and its attractions around form one of the key tourist clusters of Hyderabad

Hyderabad – the erstwhile capital of the Nizams has grown beyond its historical boundaries. What used to be a major heritage and cultural hub has now also, become a city of business, sports and learning. The booming IT industry, the fierce battleground of badminton and the fortress of universities and colleges beckon tons of people … Read more

Summer Chillers at GReat Trails by GRT Hotels

The GRT Property at Kodaikanal

With the rising mercury in the cities, it is not surprising to see families setting off for their favorite hill stations across the country. Down south in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal remains a favorite and rightly so, given that it is the Princess of Hill stations. Besides the lovely things to do in Kodaikanal, what made … Read more

10 Things to do in Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast City from the Sea Plane enroute to Lady Elliot Island

Gold Coast – the 6th largest city in Australia and a popular holiday destination in Queensland, has for long been known for its beaches. If you have been reading my earlier posts on this city, you know that it is much more than its gorgeous beaches. There is just so many Gold Coast attractions that … Read more

Experience Slow Travel with RCI Vacations

My recent adventure with the nature trails of Wayanad left me quite refreshed and invigorated. It wasn’t just about spending the therapeutic time with nature. It was also, because I took it slow. There is no doubt that slow travel is really satisfying. There is a lot more you get out of a place than … Read more

A Royal Stay in Bikaner with Narendra Bhawan

When Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner, sparkles like the star at night

All through my earlier posts on Rajasthan, especially Bikaner, I expressed a desire to relive that era. Mostly for its luxurious residences, its rich lifestyle and the little quirks that the royalty used to indulge in. Little did I know that my wish was going to be granted – without me going back in time … Read more

The Romance of the Sun & Mountains at Nagarkot, Nepal

The Sunkissed Valley of Nagarkot

Every year you can ask me “Which is that one destination that you want to go with your hubby?” and each time, you will get a different answer from me. Proves that I am only human for as I discover places, I find some special ones to be shared with him. Last year was no … Read more

Experiential Stays to Holiday Differently with Sterling Holidays

Sterling Holidays - Mussoorie with the Diner that treats you to the Winter Line

If you have been reading the travel trends for 2018, you will come across this term “Experiential holidays”. They say that this is how new travel is shaping up. Indeed, travelers like us are demanding for more than just a “visit to a destination” option. We are looking for an immersive experience that allows us … Read more

Experiencing Wayanad in Monsoons

Streams and Waterfalls of the Dare Nature Camp

Helmets – Check! Riding gloves – Check! Rain jacket – Check! Waterproof shoes – Check! Bikes fueled and ready, route map studied and approved and nature stay booked! The last weekend was all about experiencing Wayanad in monsoons and that too, on bikes. I was invited by the road trip maestros – ScoutMyTrip to ride … Read more

My Epic Indo-Nepal road trip – from Delhi to Kathmandu

A beautiful start to my Indo-Nepal Road Trip

Most of you know that I am a huge fan of road trips. The unexpected turns, the opportunities to spot hidden wonders along the way, the camaraderie of your companions – all of these make your journey more memorable. Consequently, your destination becomes more exciting and special. Naturally, when ScoutMyTrip provided me with an opportunity … Read more

A luxury train journey on the Golden Chariot through South India

Aboard the Golden Chariot

The first time I discovered luxury trains was when I read Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. I was extremely fascinated with the whole train scene that for the first time I paid more attention to the description in the novel rather than the plot. Since then, I have devoured all possible articles and … Read more

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