A Tale of the Last Aryans – Dah Hanu Villages in Ladakh

The plaits are typical of an Aryan woman

Long long ago, the Great King Alexander came to the Indus Valley to conquer it. From Indus to Beas, he spread his kingdom before turning back. He went home but left behind a few of his clansmen who settled in Ladakh. These men made this their home and lived a peaceful life in the Indus … Read more

City Palace Udaipur – The gem of the Lake City

City Palace in Udaipur at night

I can’t believe that in my chronicles of Udaipur, I left behind the biggest gem of the city! When I refreshed my last post on the things to do in Udaipur, I realized that I never did write about the lovely City Palace Udaipur. This was technically my first major exploration in Udaipur. Not only … Read more

Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar

Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar - NeedlePoint or Elephant's head point

A recent trip to Pune had me visit one of my favorite hill station in Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar has tons of memories associated with it – a lot dating back to my school and college days. Owing to its proximity to Pune, I have been here umpteen times and each time, the place bowls me over … Read more

Things to do in Udaipur

Lake Palace in Lake Pichola, Udaipur

During my last holiday in Rajasthan,  I covered many cities and towns. While each city has something that I liked, the one city that earned the tag of being my favorite is Udaipur. It was much more than the things to do in Udaipur. It was a certain vibe that added to the charm of … Read more

Things to do in Amsterdam

Main Amsterdam Attraction - Rijksmuseum

Growing up as a child in Switzerland with Dutch parents, I feel strongly rooted in the Netherlands, even though I never lived there. My husband George is a South African, and some of his ancestors emigrated from the Netherlands. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Amsterdam attracts us both and why we have … Read more