My first Scuba Dive at Havelock Islands, Andamans

The Colorful Underwater world of Havelock Andamans

For those of you who have been following me on my social channels, it will not really be news. However, for the others, here is the big news that I wanted to spill in my Travel Flashback 2017 post about the secret activity I did in November. I finally, did my Scuba Diving Certification and … Read more

Saluting the Heroes at Kargil War Memorial at Drass

A Sculpture showcasing the victory of Operation Vijay at Kargil War Memorial

I have been saving this post since my visit to Kargil last year during the Ladakh trip. For one, this has been a highly emotional visit – not just for me but the entire troop. The Kargil War Memorial in Drass gets your emotions into a swirl and leaves you with a huge lump in … Read more

Experiential Stays to Holiday Differently with Sterling Holidays

Sterling Holidays - Mussoorie with the Diner that treats you to the Winter Line

If you have been reading the travel trends for 2018, you will come across this term “Experiential holidays”. They say that this is how new travel is shaping up. Indeed, travelers like us are demanding for more than just a “visit to a destination” option. We are looking for an immersive experience that allows us … Read more

Agra Fort: A prelude to the famous Taj Mahal

Amar Singh Gate at Agra Fort

It had been several years, rather over 2 decades that I had visited the Red Fort in Agra – popularly referred to as Agra Fort. Naturally, when an opportunity presented itself in form of Agra being a pit stop on our return from the Indo-Nepal trip, I was keen to refresh my memories.Agra Fort seemed … Read more

Travel Flashback 2017 – My best travel moments

Travel Flashback 2017 - Kannur with my besties and family

It is that time of the year when most of us introspect and relook at what the year has been like. Pretty much like most of you, I traveled back in time to realize that this year has literally been as they say “from Kashmir to Kanyakumari”. I also, noted that I nursed my itchy … Read more