Captain your own Seakart in Mauritius

Nisha and me on our seakart

I am sure most of you have tried a jet ski. Whenever I have done one, I always wished to wrestle the controls from the jet ski instructor and take over myself. Some of them are so scared to let you have the charge that you are merely just touching the handle while he is … Read more

7 colors of the earth at Chamarel in Mauritius

The view of the 7 colored earth from one of the observation points in Chamarel

Can you guess what could be my “one thing” to see in Mauritius? If your answer is “Beaches”, then you would actually be wrong. It was the 7-colored earth at Chamarel. I had come across Chamarel during my initial research on Mauritius and that would actually, date back to over 10 years. I was quite … Read more

The Sprawling Estates of Chateau de Labourdonnais

IMG 3283

Mauritius does tend to keep its tourists and travelers occupied with its beaches, adventure sports and nature parks. And rightly so, given the plethora of beaches and mountains that they have. Mauritius has a lovely fusion culture and the one thing that people often miss out or skip here is – digging deeper into the … Read more

Underwater in a Submarine in Mauritius

DSC 0038 001

Whenever I thought of a submarine, I always pictured naval warfare, torpedoes firing at each other underwater and the world above water through a periscope. While I have always known of tourist submarines in popular beach destinations, somehow, I could never recall those when I thought of submarines.  However, my recent exploration of the underwater world … Read more

Reflections of 2016 – My Travel Round-Up

Thrilling Travel Reflections of 2016

Happy New Year to all of you! I intended writing this article out last week as a befitting end to a great 2016 — What better way to wrap it all up than a travel round-up. However, since the year was quite good, I decided to relish those last few moments of 2016 in the … Read more