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Selamat Datang! Meaning …Welcome in Malay.  A greeting to welcome you to a country of diverse landscapes, culture, nature and beaches. Malaysia in South East Asia, is one popular tourist destination owing to the varied choices it offers to its travelers. Every now and then, I keep getting queries to this destination and the most … Read more

10 things to do in Penang, Malaysia

View of Penang from the Waterfall temple

Over the last few posts, I have been gushing about the 2nd largest city in Malaysia – Penang. Penang had me charmed from my first glimpse of it on Malindo Air and by the time I flew out, I was in love with the place. From its cultural experiences to its heritage legacies and its lovely … Read more

Walking on glass at Rainbow Skywalk in Komtar Penang

IMG 20171009 145147

Even if you are holding a railing on the 68th floor and you have some solid ground to stand on, you are bound to have a few butterflies in your stomach. Especially, if you are standing on a glass that shows you a vertical drop of 800 feet plus to the actual ground. Add to … Read more

Walking on the Street of Harmony in Georgetown, Penang

At the Goddess of Mercy temple on Street of Harmony, George Town

One of the most interesting things that I found about the Pearl of the Orient – Penang was its confluence of cultures. I suppose this struck me as familiar for quite like India, there were people from different origins who have settled here over generations. From the Chinese to the Indians, some British and even … Read more

An investment plan for travel with Angel Broking

An investment plan for Travel

Everyone has bucket lists for travel. And like most of you, even I have my bucket list that does not ever shrink. If anything, it has been growing longer and longer by the day. With its increasing length, also, grows my need to invest and plan for these bucket lists. Yes, travel does involve money … Read more