I go by the name – Ami Bhat and am known as a Restless Ball of Energy.

My Mom refuses to entertain my complaints about my equally restless daughter and assures my husband that I was born with a bug – a travel bug.

A Post-Graduate in Marketing by qualification and a travel blogger by passion. Besides travel, I enjoy photography and if you don’t find me at my desk, I would be out playing badminton or swimming or just plain running – something that is so required for my restless soul. 

At the beginning of every year, I diligently note down the long weekends and plan for them. And when I cannot travel physically, I travel virtually through words on this travel blog. I go into raptures when it comes to Heritage destinations and become an absolute outdoor freak on beaches and hill-stations. 

I believe that sometimes, one does not need to travel too far to have fun – sometimes travel around your home can be liberating. I don’t believe in counting the immigration stamps and tick-marking places off my list –  for every place that I go to, I feel like going back again and sometimes, do manage to.

There is a certain thrill that I associate with traveling – whether it is real or virtual and that honestly, is the reason for the name that you see on this blog.

Besides my blog, I have been published in several websites and publications including BBC Travel, Deccan Herald, Lonely Planet India,  HuffingtonPost India and the Travel Cafe of MoneyControl. My travel blog has been widely acclaimed as one of the top travel blogs in India as well as internationally. You can view my awards and accolades through this page.

Stay with me as I travel along and take you through my travel experiences. I am always ready to connect with you on any of the social channels that you see on the right. Alternatively, just write to me using the form below or email me on Should want to collaborate with me, just click here.



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