10 Romantic Destinations from my Travels

Magical Europe tour

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, I could not resist the Romance in the air and hence, decided to jump right into the spirit of it. I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day but I admit that I am tad bit romantic. Having traveled around, there are a few places that for me … Read more

Best things to do in Palm Springs California

Consider spending a day in one of the many golf courses of Palm Springs

Have you been to the Date capital? Or wandered into this Golf paradise? Maybe you know it better for its Hiking trails? Or possibly for its museum tales? Discover this little treasure in the desert called Palm Springs that is known for all of the above and much more… Explore the best things to do … Read more

Amsterdam vs Rotterdam: Which Dutch City Should You Explore?

Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam - which Dutch city should you visit?

One has history and culture that captures hearts The other has scene that vibes in music and arts Its always a dilemma to decide between Amsterdam And The Netherlands other city – Rotterdam. Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam – this is a choice that every traveler heading to The Netherlands faces. Get tips to make your decision … Read more

Magic of Marrakech in Morocco

Marrakech at Night    

Marrakech, in Morocco makes a magical tourist destination for all kinds of travelers  – from backpackers to family, couples and even just, a bunch of friends. Marrakech literally means – Land of the God. The fourth-largest city in Morocco, there are a lot of tourist attractions in Marrakech  – for the history lovers and shopaholics, … Read more

Best day trips from Rotterdam Netherlands

Day trips from Rotterdam helps you explore many places in Holland

Rotterdam is one of the largest cities in The Netherlands yet is not visited by travelers nearly as much as nearby and popular Amsterdam. Tourists & travelers who find their way to Rotterdam usually arrive for short-term work assignments or by a Cruise docking in the city center at the Rotterdam Passenger Terminal. In fact, … Read more

All about Humayun’s tomb garden: Inside Humayun tomb, plan & history

The main tomb of Humayun sitting right in the middle of the Char Bagh

They call it the garden of tombs Graves and mausoleums sit amid the blooms. Humayun’s tomb is more than the eternal resting place Of His royal highness – the 2nd Mughal mighty grace. Discover what lies inside Humayun tomb gardens, its history and the architecture. A complete guide to visiting Humayun’s tomb in Delhi – … Read more

Best things to do in Palermo Italy

Discover the best things to do in Palmero Italy

The Sicilian capital of Palermo may overwhelm many tourists – it’s hectic, gritty, and a bit chaotic – but skipping a visit to Palermo during your trip to Sicily is a mistake. Yes, the city can be overwhelming as scooters buzz past you on pedestrian streets, but spend a day in Palermo in Italy and … Read more

Best things to do in Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

Discover the best things to do in Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

Taking a vacation to Yucatan, Mexico, will be one of the finest choices you will ever make. This region of Mexico is a wonderful destination for anyone interested in history, culture, natural beauty, food, and friendly locals. There are many exciting things to do in the Yucatan Peninsula, and it would take me a lifetime … Read more

Explore the best towns in Tuscany, Italy

Explore the best towns in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Italy is like a perfect dream for anyone interested in history, art, culture, food, and wine. With its vineyards, olive trees, and blue sky, it’s no surprise that many people consider it one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. And then there are those picturesque hills with medieval towns and villages on top. … Read more