Life along the Backwaters of Kerala

Our homes in the Backwaters of Kerala

Considered as one of the most exotic things to do in India, the Backwaters of Kerala have never failed to mesmerize its visitors with its beauty. The swaying palms over the placid waters that become even more scintillating during sunset, the lush green paddy fields and the colorful birds that spot all these landscapes in … Read more

Mysteries of the Mahabalipuram Shore temple

Visit the Mahabalipuram Shore temple - one of the key things to do in Mahabalipuram

The Mahabalipuram shore temple was the only one of the seven left to glean While the rest of the six pagodas drowned and remained unseen. Until the tsunami caused the sea to swell And when it ebbed, it uncovered a small part of that lost architectural shell. Discover the mystery of the shore temple and … Read more

My first travel with my new Wildcraft Rucksack

My first trip with my new Wildcraft rucksack

Do you have an old Faithful when it comes to a travel bag or a travel knapsack? Something that you use with every travel – long, short, hike, beach – essentially anywhere. So far, my camera bag is my old faithful for I trudge it along everywhere. However, that does not hold my basic essentials … Read more