Pancha Rathas – the monolithic temples of Mahabalipuram

The Mahabalipuram five Rathas temples are a great example of the monolithic Indian rock-cut architecture

The eldest of the rathas was the grandest The second one resembled its namesake and was the mightiest The third reflected his nimble nature & the fourth was all about twins’ animal care The fifth was symbolic of their wife’s nurture of their lair. Such is the representation of the famed monolithic temples of Mahabalipuram … Read more

A Roaring Secret: Tiger Caves in Mahabalipuram

Tiger Caves in Mahabalipuram

Playing truant is always fun. I am sure most of us have played this game of disappearing from classes or office or functions whenever it suited us. It is a sense of adventure and free will that you feel when you do this and boy! Do they leave some memories for you to cherish later. … Read more

All set for an All Girls’ Trip with Tata Tigor

An All Girls Road Trip with Tata Tigor

I have always enjoyed my road trips with my family but there is no denying that a road trip with my girlfriends is a wild and enjoyable experience. Whether it is just within the boundaries of a city or a long drive outside – time with my besties is something that I absolutely treasure. It … Read more

A luxury train journey on the Golden Chariot through South India

Aboard the Golden Chariot

The first time I discovered luxury trains was when I read Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. I was extremely fascinated with the whole train scene that for the first time I paid more attention to the description in the novel rather than the plot. Since then, I have devoured all possible articles and … Read more

Chasing Sunsets at Chidiya Tapu in Andamans

Changing colors of Sunset at Chidiya Tapu

There is something very beautiful about sunsets. I find them extremely soothing and gorgeous. It does not matter where I experience them – over a cityscape, on a beach, along the mountains or even in a desert – they always mesmerize me. Last year I experienced quite a few of these lovely sunsets on beaches … Read more