I go by the name – Ami Bhat and am known as a Restless Ball of Energy.

My Mom refuses to entertain my complaints about my equally restless daughter and assures my husband that I was born with a bug – a travel bug.


A Post-Graduate in Marketing by qualification and a travel blogger by passion. Besides travel, I enjoy photography and if you don’t find me at my desk, I would be out playing badminton or swimming or just plain running – something that is so required for my restless soul. 


At the beginning of every year, I diligently note down the long weekends and plan for them. And when I cannot travel physically, I travel virtually through words on this travel blog. I go into raptures when it comes to Heritage destinations and become an absolute outdoor freak on beaches and hill-stations. I believe that sometimes, one does not need to travel to far to have fun – sometimes travel around your home can be liberating. I don’t believe in the counting the immigration stamps and tick-marking places off my list –  for every place that I go to, I feel like going back again and sometimes, do manage to.


There is a certain thrill that I associate with traveling – whether it is real or virtual and that honestly, is the reason for the name that you see on this blog. Besides my blog, I have been published in several websites and publications including the Lonely Planet India,  HuffingtonPost India and the Travel Cafe of MoneyControl. You can get a glimpse of all of them in my Published work section. Recently, my travel blog was included in the top 1000 Travel Blogs across the world.


Stay with me as I travel along and take you through my travel experiences. I am always ready to connect with you on any of the social channels that you see on the right. Alternatively, just write to me using the form below and I will be in touch with you. 






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