Best areas to pick hotels in Jaipur

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The pink city, Jaipur attracts tons of visitors and naturally, given that it is a part of the famed Golden Triangle of the north. It also, is an important mini metro of India and hence, beckons several; business travelers too. Given its connectivity through road, rail and air to the rest of India, Jaipur is the gateway to exploring the rest of Rajasthan. When I planned my trip to Jaipur, the one thing that I had to really research, was the best areas to pick hotels in Jaipur. Jaipur has numerous things to do and to make the most of the time, I needed Jaipur Hotels that were central to all the tourist spots, the local restaurants, and shopping.

One of my hotels in Jaipur
One of my hotels in Jaipur

The one thing that I can tell you about Jaipur is that once you are out in the morning, unlikely that you are going to get back till night. There is so much to see and do and that is why a hotel that is central is essential. Now that I have been to Jaipur and vetted my research, sharing my 3 shortlisted localities for picking Hotels in Jaipur.

Bani Park for hotels in Jaipur

This was my first choice and I did manage to pick a hotel for us here.Given its proximity to the key tourist attractions of Jaipur, this area came highly recommended by the locals as well.  Bani Park offers you lots of choices when it comes to hotels too. You can pick a hotel based on your budget – from low-priced to mid ranged ones and luxury stays. Jaipur has several heritage homes that have been converted to hotels and these are extremely comfortable and budget friendly too. Several of these are located in the Bani Park area. I would recommend checking them out as they give you a feel of the old-age Jaipur homes.

Hawa Mahal within 4 - 5kms from Bani Park, Jaipur
Hawa Mahal within 4 – 5 kms from Bani Park, Jaipur

The hotels in Bani Park area are within 4-5 kms of the key attractions of Jaipur – The Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace, to name a few. The forts of Jaipur are located around 12 kms from here. There are several good restaurants in Bani Park, making it easy for you to experience local food. Local transport options are easy to get here and are not expensive at all. The area is quite tourist friendly, with a large number of tour operators having their offices here. Bani Park is well-connected to all the shopping hubs of Jaipur too. To me, this will be my number one choice for Hotels in Jaipur.

Distance from Jaipur Airport – 12- 14 kms

Distance from Jaipur Railway station – 2 – 4 kms

MI Road

Mirza Ismail road or MI road is the main road of Jaipur and runs through the entire stretch of the city. I am given to understand that this road was made such that it would be the central road of Jaipur and all other roads would lead to it. This is indeed the case today. Even though I stayed in Bani Park, I did visit and cross this road. What with tons of restaurants and loads of shopping options,  you just cannot avoid this road.

Amer Fort, just 10 - 12 kms from MI Road
Amer Fort, just 10 – 12 kms from MI Road

And if you want to stay right here because of all the fun, you have tons of stay options too – spanning every possible budget. Being the main road of Jaipur, local conveyance is not a problem at all. The key places to see in Jaipur are all within 3 – 5 kms from here while the fort area is around 10 -12 kms from MI road.

Distance from Jaipur Airport – 11 – 12 kms

Distance from Jaipur Railway station – 3 – 5 kms

Tonk Road

Closer to the airport, this was my third locality option to pick a stay in Jaipur. Tonk Road has numerous mid-priced and luxury hotels for tourists. There are quite a few restaurant options here and some of the places to see in Jaipur like the Birla temple are located in this area. However, this is a little further from the City Palace area (8 – 10 kms) and the Fort area (around  20 kms). Visiting these attractions however, is not an issue as local conveyance and tourist vehicles are easily available here. This area is a little peaceful and quiet, owing to it being a residential area as well.

Distance from Jaipur Airport – 5 – 6 kms

Distance from Jaipur Railway station – 10 – 12 kms

Here is a map that I have put together to give you a glimpse of the areas, the blue markers being the areas and the green being some of the key tourist attractions of Jaipur.

I guess, these travel tips should help you plan a stay in Jaipur. Remember to book well in advance to get the best rates. Share this pin around with anyone who is planning a visit to the historic pink city of Jaipur and comment in to let me know what you think of these travel tips for the best areas to pick hotels in Jaipur

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63 Responses

  1. Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    wow !!!! Thank God you have not shared more pics, these two pics already blown my mind. i have a plan for family tour to Jaipur, your post will help me.

  2. Archie

    Good suggestions Ami. But I have my favs in Jaipur :p the Raj Vilas tops the list

  3. Jennifer Sikora

    I have never even heard of this city before, but now after reading about it and seeing how beautiful it is, I would LOVE to visit here.

    • Ami

      Thanks Jennifer, Jaipur sure is worth a visit, especially if you are headed to India for the Taj. Though not in Agra, Jaipur is a part of the same travel triangle

      • Idris

        Hello. Not sure if this blog is still active. Can anyone assist which hotel or area to stay, my main focus is to check the handicraft business, to buy in wholesale and retail. I am a foreigner coming from Tanzania.

        • Ami

          I am not really sure of the wholesale markets. My guess is MI road would be central to all the areas.

  4. BellyBytes

    Yet another great hotel trip from you Ami. The one time I went to Jaipur we stayed at the Taj Rambagh Palace? It was luxurious but quite out of the way I think…

  5. sarusinghal

    That is a great way of classifying hotels. I stayed in Hotel Neelam. Don’t know which area it is in. And you are right, there is so much to see in Jaipur.

    • Ami

      Thanks Saru. I found it much easier staying closer to the hub – from a time and effort perspective. Hence sharing the tips 🙂

  6. Sabine

    I’ve been to India but did not make it to Jaipur. How nice are those building. It’s good to choose a hotel close to the sightseeings, but also close to restaurants and other things to do. Beautiful photos!!

    • Ami

      Thanks Sabine. I think these three localities will definitely get you closer to the action

  7. journalofnomads

    Jaipur looks so beautiful!! Can’t wait to visit it (somewhere in the coming year 🙂 ) !

  8. Stéphanie Langlet

    Very practical guide for the accomodation in Jaipur!
    When I was there last year, I stayed with a family in the suburb. But it was great as my friends always took me to the center when they left for work, and I actually spent most of my time with them as they invited me for a rajastani wedding they were organizing / paying. It was in a village, and the ladies suddenly took me inside for the rituals with the bride. When they started singing, I took my video camera. they were so happy that they made the show for me, singing, dancing, laughing, disguising… A great souvenir!

  9. Vyjay Rao

    Good tips, will make use of them when we plan our Jaipur visit which has been pending for some time. We are rearing to go, probably in winter.

  10. Arun

    A wonderful post Ami! Have stayed in both MI road and Tonk road where MI road wins hands down as the preferred one 🙂

    • Ami

      Thanks Arun. I loved MI road too. Though I found Bani Park a little more to my taste – quieter and nicer

  11. elizabeth

    Good guide and well explained. I think I would like to sty in one of the old converted homes. it gives you a different experience than a hotel.

  12. Life360Degrees

    What a perfect timing for this post. I am visiting Jaipur next week and looking forward to visit this amazing city.

      • Life360Degrees

        Hi Ami, I stayed 10 mins away from Bapu bazaar. I visited it for 2 days but will be going again for 5 days in Dec. I plan to roam around a bit more when I visit in Dec.

          • Life360Degrees

            No idea… I was staying at bunny park and then traveled to bapu bazaar and city palace. Travelling again in Dec

          • Life360Degrees

            Is it ? We stayed at a hotel there. Going to stay there again when I come in Dec

  13. Anisha

    Hi Ami , could you please list down atleast three good hotels in each of the above mentioned categories. Would really help me. Booked my tickets for September. Four members of my family. Thanks in advance!
    Looking for something spacious, clean and not too expensive.

    • Ami

      Hi Anisha, since I had researched this sometime back, I honestly don’t recall names. The only one that I can recommend based on my stay at Bani Park is HR Palace. Found it fairly reasonable. cheers

  14. Supriya

    Hi Ami,

    I am planning my trip to jaipur in the month of May.We will be there mostly for 3-4 days. Your blogs are really helpful to me.Though it will be bit hot. What will be your suggestion. I will be travelling with my 4 years old son.

    • Ami

      It will be quite hot. Not sure if you would want to roam around with your child in that heat. Or may you can pick some indoor exploration.

  15. markwood

    thankyou for telling information because your information is very helpful for us and Jaipur is very beautiful so that people from far away countries come to visit that’s why this blog will help them a lot.

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