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Of late, a lot of my readers have expressed a wish to visit India and as I have been answering their queries, I realized there were some common travel tips for planning a travel to India. I happened to read this post on Travel Tips India, which gives some useful travel tips for India. The one tip that I felt was most important was the “planning” aspect of your trip to India and hence, I felt the need to detail it out further.

Travel to India

Here are my 5 big pointers on what to keep in mind when you decide, Incredible India is the travel destination for you.


1) Expanse of Incredible India

Getting past the crowd to capture the Taj Mahal at dawn

India is a huge country, with places of interest, spread all around. From the Taj Mahal in the North to the beautiful historic cities like Hampi in the south. From the ecotourism places like Cherrapunji and Majuli in the North East to the forests of Gir in the West. You will find that there are places that beckon you from every corner – so much, that you are actually spoiled for choice.

Travel to India - Hampi

However, doing them all in one trip is just not going to be possible. The distances between these places is huge and my advice to people traveling to India picks a region or a destination that is your must-visit  Research attractions and cities around that destination and then, plan your itinerary. Trust me when I say that there is no dearth of interesting places – be it nature or heritage, in any nook and corner of India – some places were quite famous and some unexplored.

The most famous circuit –The Golden Triangle, consisting of Agra, Delhi and Jaipur, is one such example of a travel circuit with cities that can be covered in one single trip to India.

2) Travel by Interest and Blend them in

Travel to India - Gokarna

India is called Incredible India for nothing. It offers destinations for any kind of traveler – from the history buffs to nature and wildlife lovers and some for the beach bums and the crazy adventures. It is a good idea to blend in a few of these in your travel to India so that you get a wholesome experience of this country.

For example, you plan to see the historic city of Hampi in South India, add in some wildlife or adventure sports of Dandeli or the beaches of Goa and South India to give you a different experience.

Travel to India - Dandeli

If you are a couple or a group of travelers with diverse interests, adding in this blend will really help you have a lot of fun together and create some lasting memories of India.

3) Commute within India

India has got a good network of roads and railways that connect various cities and towns. You will also, find a lot of low-cost airlines offering you travel between the major cities in India. Depending on the duration of your trip and the budget, you could plan your travel to India using any of these modes.

If you have selected destinations that can be reached within a few hours, a road trip would be highly recommended. A road trip helps you experience the smaller towns along the way while helping you discover the beautiful landscape of India. You can hire a cab for a reasonable price at all towns for this kind of travel. Alternatively, you can even book online through reputed online travel companies.

There are plenty of tourist buses too, that can help you in this form of travel. However, you may not be able to stop at places in between on your own.

The Golden Chariot

Railways are convenient, especially if you are traveling to slightly far-off destinations in India. They help use your limited time wisely, as you can opt for night travel. You can opt for 2nd Class or 3rd Class AC for a comfortable travel. Booking train travel needs you to plan well in advance as the booking opens 120 days in advance. You can even opt for the special luxury tourist trains like the Golden Chariot, Palace on Wheels or Deccan Odyssey which offer you a unique cultural experience. Here is a guide that can help you prepare for an experience in Indian Railways.

Low cost flights are extremely handy for the travelers to India who are focused on the large cities and do not have a lot of time. These too, can be booked online through various travel sites.


Tuk Tuks in Jaipur, Rajasthan - Travel to India

Once in the city, you can opt for the local transport – auto rickshaws, taxis, and buses. These are readily available and are extremely affordable. For details on the same, you can seek the help of the hotel that you are staying in – for each city or town has a different minimum fare.

4) Accommodation within India

Depending on your budget, you can opt for high-end hotels and resorts to mid-sized budget ones and even smaller guest houses. In the smaller towns and hill stations, one can opt for home-stays. It is advisable to look out for specialty stays in the places that you are visiting as they can help you experience the place better. For example, if you are heading to the coffee kingdom of Coorg, you can opt for a home stay at the coffee estates. This will help you enjoy and experience the local culture, cuisine, and lifestyle much better.

Backwaters of Kerala - Travel to India

Similarly, if you are headed to Kerala, an overnight at the backwaters of Kerala would definitely be advisable.

Booking these stays is quite easy these days, thanks to the Internet. You will find almost all types of this accommodation available online, with easy booking facilities. Remember to book well in advance for your travel to India, as some of these stays can get full during the peak tourist seasons.

5) Timing your travel to India

India is a tropical country and visiting in summers (April – June) can be quite harsh for the visitors to India from the West. There are hill-stations and beautiful beach destinations that one can opt for during this season. However, visiting heritage destinations can really take a toll on you, given the rising mercury.

July to September is the monsoon season. Most of India will have wet weather, which can be a deterrent when sight-seeing. Also, certain tourist attractions are closed during this season.

October to January, right up to Mid February is the best time to travel to India. With pleasant weather and numerous festivals during these months, traveling through India is a beautiful and memorable experience.

It might also, be a good idea to plan a trip around a festival. Possibly head to Mathura for Holi or Puri for the Rath yatra or even Ladakh for the Naropa Festival. The dates for these are easily available on the internet.

Here is hoping that this post makes a good checklist for you, especially when it comes to the planning part of your travel. Check this post for some additional tips on what to wear in India.  Do comment in and let me know your views too 🙂 And remember to pin this too.





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