5 Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Every once a while the hustle of your city life gets to you, especially when you are in the ‘city of dreams’- Mumbai. The city’s fast-paced life coupled with a hectic work schedule usually tires you out and an escape from this hum-drum of daily life becomes necessary. Mumbai is surrounded by beautiful tourist spots which often work as the perfect weekend getaways to unwind and relax. Let’s find out more about some of these picturesque Weekend Getaways from Mumbai.

Lonavala – Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

Weekend Getaway from Mumbai - Lonavala
Weekend Getaway from Mumbai – Lonavala

Just 83 kilometers away from Mumbai, the lush green valleys of Lonavala call out to travelers who are looking for a tranquil weekend escape. Encompassed by a plethora of natural beauty, this hill station boasts of green hills, breath-taking waterfalls, and sparkling lakes.


Mahabaleshwar Attractions - View from Kate's Point
Mahabaleshwar Attractions – View from Kate’s Point

The erstwhile summer capital of the British government ruling the Bombay province, this mystical hill station is just 263 kilometers away from Mumbai. Considered as one of the most scenic places that surround Mumbai, this quaint hill-station has one of the few evergreen forests of the country. The versatile structure of this place ensures that you can have a quiet and peaceful time discovering its various viewpoints. Or if it suits you, an enthralling adventure with some hiking trails & activities like rock climbing.

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Water Sports in Alibaug
Water Sports in Alibaug

On your next weekend trip, hail a ferry near the Gateway of India and head down to the mesmerizing beaches of Alibaug. This beach town, known for its sparkling sandy beaches and azure waters, is also, known for its historical landmarks. The beach is home to the Kolaba Fort, built during Shivaji’s rule, that is situated by the sea. The beaches also have some of the most beautiful resorts along with thrilling water sports options that allow you to escape the humdrum of daily routine.

If Alibaug is your destination, drive a little further to explore the Sea Fort of Murud Janjira.


Places to visit near Mumbai - Raigad
Places to visit near Mumbai – Raigad

How about brushing up your history lessons for your next weekend getaway? Plan a trip to Raigad and get bowled over by the reminiscent glory of the Maratha kingdom. This historic town was the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji and is home to the magnificent Raigad Fort. Situated around 2700 feet above the sea level, the fort can be accessed with a cable car over the gigantic peaks of the Sahyadri range. Quite a surreal experience for history buffs and families alike.


View of the Kundalika River, Kolad
View of the Kundalika River, Kolad

Add a hint of thrill to your weekends. Head over to the little village of Kolad. Situated on a stunning valley with meandering the Kundalika river, this quiet village is a perfect weekend spot for adventure enthusiasts. The town is popular its adrenaline infusing water sports like river rafting that can be experienced by people of all ages. With numerous hotels and resorts lining the streets, Kolad makes sure you never are always in your comfort zone.

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Ready to take that much needed weekend trip? Head over to any of these places and makes memories that will last you a lifetime.

Weekend Getaways from Mumbai
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  1. I was living in Mumbai almost a decade ago and I look back and think why I did not travel more! I did visit Lonavala and Alibaug quite often (and even made it to Mahabaleshwar once) but never Raigad and Kolad! I wish I had been more adventurous then. I also went to Panchgani I remember and it was amazing! Pune was a regular one 😉

  2. Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani are one of the best places one can visit during monsoons. Also rural areas with natural landscapes are good to visit. Explore calmness and peace, away from city hustles.

  3. Thanku so much for a informative Blog. Maharashtra is the most wonderful place to travel around. If you are travelling to kokan which the west side fabulous maharashtra then you can have adventure activities like wall climbing and many more…


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