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This morning, as I crossed the road for my daily ride to work, I chanced upon a huge billboard advertising of Airtel 4G. And therein, started my train of thoughts. It got me wondering how travel has changed over time – Thanks to the technology. It also, got me wondering what change would a 4G bring to our lives as a traveler. As the train of thoughts continued, I realized that the Airtel 4G can actually work well for the traveler and here are 5 benefits that struck me. 

1) Finish up your business quick

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This is specially true for the business travel, who need constant connectivity to emails, documents and chats. Even during a leisure trip, we rarely cut off and checking the emails is the least that we do. Most often than not, we search and huddle for some Wi-Fi connections to sort out the work and which means, that you actually have to wait before you are done with your business. Imagine that you had a 4G and how much more simpler and quicker you can get things done on work.  

To set a context, I thought of how often I have to go to Mumbai on work and every time I am there, I spend so much time in traffic than at the conference or work place that I need to be at . Checking mails on the go is not really feasible as with the current 3G speed and connectivity, it takes a lot of time. Imagine how much more simple it would be if I had a 4G – faster speed, multi-tasking and successful and productive use of my journey.

2) Share on the Go

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 I have always found myself sharing my travel with friends and family – it is my way of having them along with me on my journey. Thanks to Instagram, Facebook and other social sites, it is much easier too. However, sometimes with the slow connectivity, I cannot always share instantaneously. Hmmm! Can you see the usefulness of 4G now?

3) Discover faster

Unknown place with lots to discover and no direction? That is how you generally feel in a foreign place. And that is where “apps” on mobile phones come to a rescue. Most of their usability depends on the connectivity that you have on your phone. Very often, I have found myself frustrated when the search icon keeps loading…. and you get a message that says – “Poor Network Connection“. ARGH!!! And this is exactly, where I think Airtel 4G would come to my rescue – allowing me to get more out of my destination, allowing me to discover better, faster and more effectively.

4) Money on the go

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All of like to travel light and safe, which means going paperless as much as possible. No matter how much you research and budget, you can never plan for how much you should carry with you on your travel. And there are times where in the frenzy of preparing for a travel, you forget to sort out some important payments like your credit card bills and electricity bills. That is where the boon of “netbanking” or “mobile banking” makes your life easier. 

Like all technology, this is so dependent on your connectivity to the internet. This is when it gets dicey and sometimes the boon becomes a bane. There was this one time I recall where I had transferred an advance to a houseboat owner in Kerala and we were to pay the balance on boarding the boat. Unfortunately for us, the scheduled payment did not go through the the houseboat owner kept insisting that we pay up immediately. Our boon of net banking became a bane as the mobile connectivity to the net was poor. We had to run helter-skelter in search of an internet cafe to complete the transaction. I wish we had 4G then… things would have been so much more simpler.

5) A more enjoyable journey

 No travel of mine -even the ones that I take within the city is complete without music and now, with the streaming apps like Wynk I listen to lots of it. What annoys me is when the connectivity is low and the music gets interrupted. For longer journeys, I sometimes, even watch movies on my phone. With the new Airtel 4G, I foresee a far better and enjoyable travel.

With this, I think 4G does sound like the most amicable and dependable travel companion that one could have – don’t you think so?

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