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Everyone has bucket lists for travel. And like most of you, even I have my bucket list that does not ever shrink. If anything, it has been growing longer and longer by the day. With its increasing length, also, grows my need to invest and plan for these bucket lists. Yes, travel does involve money and some destinations far more than the others. That does not mean that I trim my dreams but it just means that I need to plan smart. This is where I take a leaf from the book of my inspiration who I had talked of earlier – who amid other things that he shared, asked me to have my own investment plan for travel.

Planning my Dream destination - Machu Pichu with Angel Broking

All of us have been putting in our savings for varied needs and with the increasing costs, that somehow does not ever seem enough. Having taken a stock of my own, I realized that the dreams to visit faraway places like Machu Pichu seem to be staying where they were instead of coming closer. This is when someone advised me that I need to work my money harder. Essentially have more of an active investment plan for travel than just plain old savings, deposits and mutual funds. In other words, take an active role in the stock market and get more out of your savings.

An investment plan for Travel

This is where I will admit that I am extremely wary of these words – shares, stock markets, trading accounts, demat accounts and so on. Some of my fears come from –

  • Not being able to track or understand the market properly
  • Not being there on time to make that call to sell or buy shares
  • Not having enough data to make those calls
  • Having to deal with multiple parties – the stock market, the broker and the banks

However, recently I came across this new option that I am planning to try out. The Angel Broking ARQ gives me my investment plan on what to invest, where to invest and when to invest based on my current savings and age. The best part of it – it is do-it-yourself with help whenever you need it, making it easier to beat each of my fears that I have listed above. How? Well, let me share what I found interesting about it and how I am hoping to work my investment plan for travel.

About Angel Broking

Angel Broking ARQ

Angel Broking is essentially a wealth management company with over 30 years of operations in India. They have a wide network and offer online stockbroking and investment services that help people realize their investment objectives. No matter how big or small your savings are, you can use their platform to make your money work harder and realize your personal dreams. The interesting thing about this company is that they have an automated investment advisory called ARQ. The Angel Broking ARQ is a a revolutionary automated investment engine that helps you get rid of your misgivings or emotions regarding investment and chalk out the best portfolio mix that sometimes, ends up giving you returns that you otherwise, might have missed out on. Quite interesting, for when I did my try-out with them, I ended up getting a mix that I did not really think of.

Balanced Portfolio for my investment plan for travel

A balanced portfolio with Angel Broking

Sometimes owing to an irrational fear you tend to miss out on certain elements of potential investment that you could have used. A lot of times it is also, due to the lack of knowledge on our part. The Angel Broking ARQ helps take care of these issues by giving you a mix that works best for your lifestyle, goals and investment plan. It factors in the future value of money as well as takes in the changes in stocks and mutual funds during your investment period. Furthermore, given it is a portfolio of elements that include the less risky elements like Gold and debt funds, it also, reduces your loss – thus, making your idle money work well.

Expert Opinions

Experts on the job with Angel Broking

For a person like me who is not so well-versed in the dynamic markets, there is some amount of hand-holding that is required. This is taken care of by  Angel Broking by way of expert opinions, real-time chat and call facility plus the well-rounded research reports on the market. Definitely a huge plus for the fears that I have.

On-the-Go investment for travel

Investment on-the-go with Angel Broking

Angel Broking has an app that makes life easy for investors. You do not have to be glued to your laptops or TV for the latest news. Your investment too, can be made on the go. In case, you are dealing with the stock markets, you can get alerts on your portfolio at any point in time. Furthermore, you can even transact immediately to ensure there is no loss of opportunity. For me, that is perfect, given that I am always busy out there somewhere, trying out a new adventure. 🙂

Getting closer to my dreams

Ticking off my bucket list with Angel Broking

The investment plan for travel is not a one-time plan. It is an ongoing one for remember – my bucket list is ever growing. The way I see it, the Angel Broking investment plan would too, continue to be dynamic for what I may earn as my profits can sometimes be reaped for one tick mark on the bucket list while sometimes or partially, be re-invested for the next check mark. Not a bad way, to get closer to my dreams. Don’t you think so? Have you made any such investment plans to travel? Message in and let me know.



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