All set for an All Girls’ Trip with Tata Tigor

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I have always enjoyed my road trips with my family but there is no denying that a road trip with my girlfriends is a wild and enjoyable experience. Whether it is just within the boundaries of a city or a long drive outside – time with my besties is something that I absolutely treasure. It is fun driving around with loud music, crazy jokes with uncontrollable giggling and being you! It is kind of therapeutic. So far I can’t claim to have done a long trip with my besties but we have been planning for a long time now. I know that if they are reading this now, they would have shot their eyebrows into their forehead and are saying – Gosh Ami! Time we put are plans to action!  And to them I say – Fear not my dear besties! Tata Tigor is here!

An All Girls Road Trip with Tata Tigor

This weekend I was invited to the launch of the new Tata Motors car – Tata Tigor in New Delhi. As a part of the event, we experienced the vehicle with a long drive from Aerocity to Manesar and back. The drive in Tata Tigor allowed me to experience the vehicle in both – city conditions as well as a highway and all through the drive, it was my besties and our pending trip that I could think of. The Tata Tigor is perfect for this long overdue roadtrip of mine with my besties. The vehicle is small and yet not small, powerful yet controllable by a woman, stylish and safe, comfortable and enjoyable. It is a vehicle that I know all of us ladies would love to drive. Here are my 5 reasons to believe that the Tata Tigor is perfect for an All Woman’s road trip

Vehicle design of Tata Tigor

The stylish Tata Tigor

Sleek and stylish is the first thing that came my mind when I saw the vehicle. I know a lot of my girlfriends get overwhelmed with large vehicles and are not comfortable taking their driving turn. However, one look at this car and we will be fighting for the first go behind the wheel. The whole effect of the metallic colors that are offset by the contrasting bumpers and the smooth lamps in the front and rear of the car totally appeals.

The front of Tata Tigor with its contrasting bumper and fog lamps

The Tata Tigor petrol version is a 1.2L engine while the diesel version is a 1.05L one. I personally, found that the petrol one was smoother, less noisier and more enjoyable to drive in the city as well as on the highway. The diesel one works well for long trips as I found it smooth when I moved it to the third gear and upwards. That reminds me, the Tata Tigor does not have an automatic version, which is fine with me as I have always favored manual to automatic.

Rear end of the Tata Tigor

The other features of the Tata Tigor that I liked are the alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, the clutch lock system and the nice fog lamps and the rear defogger.

Alloy Wheels with Tubeless Tyres - Tata Tigor

Driving Comfort and safety of Tata Tigor

Driving the Tata Tigor

Whether you are in the driver’s seat or are a co-passenger, you will find yourself absolutely at ease. I particularly, loved the driver’s seat as its shape allowed me to settle in well into the seat. It has these padded grooves that gave me additional comfort on the sides while its padded back offered me a nice support for my back. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in position as well as height.

The steering wheel with all the controls of Tata Tigor

The Power steering was so light in my hands. Again this could be adjusted based on my height. The one thing that I was not pleased with was the position of the horn. I had to sometimes, take off my palm from the wheel to press the center. It was not easily accessible by fingers. The steering wheel has all the basic controls – from phone to audio, which is again an advantage, especially if my girlfriends play a song that I don’t enjoy. (Can you see the devil pop out?).

Another useful feature of the Tata Tigor is the trip meter and the fuel meter that not just gives you the regular readings but also, how much distance is left with the fuel that one has. Now, this is something that we forget when we are having fun and calculating it all is so tedious.

The comfortable and lovely seat of the Tata Tigor

In terms of safety features, the car has a central locking system. There are two airbags provided for the drivers and the front passenger seat. All the seats in the Tata Tigor have a car belt. So, ladies, strap them on!

Entertainment and Navigation systems

The one thing that I absolutely enjoy when out with my besties is singing those crazy songs in a chorus. Tata Tigor adds to the fun with its Touchscreen infotainment system by Harman. With 8 speakers, I promise you girls will have a disco on the road.

The infotainment system and the dashboard of Tata Tigor

And just so that we don’t forget the road, the car has a navigation system prompting us to stay on track. This can be connected to the Navimaps app by Tata Motors or straight to google maps through a USB or bluetooth. And just to ensure that your phone never runs out of a battery, there are 2 charge points within the car – one in the front and the back.

Storage spaces in a Tata Tigor

The boot in Tata Tigor

This car boasts of 24 utility spaces within the car and this feature itself, makes this car ideal for a small family or a complete girl’s trip. From the glove compartment to the dashboard and the boot, there is enough to store our precious trinkets, beauty bags, large luggage, food and even important toll tickets.

The door pockets of Tata Tigor

All four doors of the car have a door pocket where you can keep your drinks and water bottles. There is an additional, central armrest with bottle holders can be pulled out at the back.

The Styleback quotient of Tata Tigor

For city drive or a long drive - Tata Tigor adapts to every style

By now you must have realized how easy it is to travel in style with Tata Tigor. The carefully designed car ensures that you have all the practical features of a vehicle but none of these hamper your style. You can choose to head out for a shopping spree with your friends, or take your kids to a park by yourself , go on a roadtrip or even drive into your office in style. Tata Tigor seems to adapt well to any of these. And that itself, for me is its biggest plus.

Summary of my review of the Tata Tigor

Here is my summary, from a perspective of a multi-purpose car designed for a small family or for women.

Tata Tigor Review

My verdict on Tata Tigor

As a woman, I found myself at ease with this vehicle. I was able to take on high speeds on the highway without even realizing that I had touched over 100. Even at lower speeds, the vehicle seemed to be pretty easy to handle. I think Tata Tigor is perfect for any family looking for city drives and short outstation drives. Going by the reaction that my drive partner – Vyjay had, whether you are a male or female, you are bound to be equally comfortable with the Tata Tigor. I definitely can see myself having fun with my girlfriends within the city and outside too. So, dear besties, get ready – maybe the first trip to Goa! 🙂

Tata Tigor

P.S: I was invited by Indiblogger and Tata Motors to try out the new Tata Tigor. However, the views expressed in this review are truly my own! 




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