How to Make Your 2020 Travel Plans Safer After this pandemic

Travel is like food for the soul. While you may be traveling every summer, this time, it is unlikely that you will be able to take any trip for at least a couple of months. The reason is apparent. The entire world is grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic because of which everyone is tied to their homes. You must be watching the regular updates on the news channels dissuading people from even stepping out of the house. The question is how to ensure safe travel once we overcome this life-threatening situation.

Travel Road

Sitting at home must be taking a toll on your mind. Therefore, it is essential that you start planning a vacation ONLY after the government opens up travel. With self-drive cars in Delhi, you can plan a small holiday near the city to get peace of mind. However, you must ensure that you continue to practice caution while you travel to ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourself.

Here are a few ways that will ensure that you travel safely after this whole situation is in control. In fact, you must wait for some time even after the Coronavirus scare fades away entirely:

Travel in the Vicinity

Short trip to Landour and Mussoorie can be refreshing
Short trip to Landour and Mussoorie can be refreshing

With the current scenario, international travel seems like a far-fetched idea for some time. Further, your dream vacations need to be put on hold until the situation improves all around the world. The best option is traveling in the nearby areas of Delhi. With so many cab services, you can get a car on rent without a driver in Delhi. You can explore the surrounding areas like Mussoorie Rishikesh and McCleodganj. However, you must ensure that these places are safe for traveling and the situation has improved entirely before visiting. With the availability of self-drive cars in Delhi, you can plan a short weekend vacation, which will help you get some freshness back to your life, after weeks of being locked down inside your home.

Safety is in Your Own Hands

These tough times must have taught you that you are more exposed to viruses and infections during traveling. Thus, you need to practice extra precautions to keep diseases at bay while taking a trip. One way to ensure a safe vacation is by hiring a car on rent without a driver in Delhi. By doing so, you will be able to offer a safer environment for your family during the journey, at least, and this will keep a lot of worries away. These cab services can be obtained across the national capital. Even if you are not located centrally, you can get a car on rent in Noida without a driver. The most important thing is that you should continue to travel with hand sanitizers and face masks.

Choose Renowned Brands for Your Stay

The outbreak has affected the travel industry adversely. After the situation gets under control, you may get discounts on hotel bookings and travel deals. However, as a precaution, you must make sure that you choose well-known hotels for your stay. Also, check the hotel booking status before you reach the destination, so that you don’t have to choose impulsively.

While getting cab services, you should try and get a car on rent without a driver in Delhi from reputed service providers like Zoomcar that sanitize their vehicles thoroughly after every use.

Be Ready for Sudden Change of Plans

When you travel, you must always remain prepared in advance for all kinds of emergencies. There can be sudden disasters, conflicts, or any kind of sudden emergencies that may require you to stop at a place or even cancel your plans. At such times, looking for a mode of transport can also be a significant challenge. It will be beneficial that you get a long term car rental in Delhi so that even if your travel plans require adjustment, you are prepared.

Ensure a Safe Trip

Driving the Tata Tigor
Self Driven Cars could offer you a safer option

If you plan a holiday, you must make sure that you take all preventive measures. With the available car rentals without a driver in Noida and in other places, you can travel free and secure. The long term car rental Delhi service will benefit you, especially if you plan to extend your stay. There are many rental service providers like Zoomcar, which provide you with a wide range of cars, including hatchbacks, sedans, and SUV’s to offer you maximum comfort.

After times such as this, it becomes essential to travel to put your mind at ease! But remember to be cautious so that you can stay safe.

This Guest Post has been contributed by Aarush Joshi. He is a professional travel writer based in Delhi. He has written for several online and offline publications including a travel blog.
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2 thoughts on “How to Make Your 2020 Travel Plans Safer After this pandemic”

  1. Your points are so valid. Travel plans post pandemic will be more about uncertainty. For next couple of months it would not be safe to travel and later in 2020, may be can take a small vacation but this will require lots of planning from sanitation to keeping safe yourself from the crowd.I guess domestic tourism will boost and hills will be more preferable than crowded monuments. Hoping things get normal and people at least get relief from panic.


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