New Beginnings: How to Use Your Credit Card to Plan A Perfect Honeymoon?

“It’s important to make your marriage more awesome than your wedding.”

True to this, it is after when the wedding rituals and affairs get over that your marriage truly begins! And what marks the beginning of your lifelong journey together is your honeymoon. So, while you spend a great deal of time and money on your wedding, planning a honeymoon takes just as much consideration.

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Planning for a honeymoon

This outing with your beloved is one wherein you would be seeking maximum pleasure. While on this trip, you’ll be splurging big time on shopping and eating out. In such a case, to avoid the hassle of carrying cash everywhere, using your credit card would be an ideal way to make all the big and small payments.

Moreover, the best part is that credits cards also come with MasterCard privileges that can make you enjoy a great many benefits and perks. Such privileges include huge discounts on shopping, exclusive lounge access, hotel credit points, and many such benefits. All these are certain to take your honeymoon to the next level without burning a hole in your pocket. You still wonder how?  Let us guide you through!

Enjoy Luxurious Hotel Stays

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Planning a Dream honeymoon!

No matter what your honeymoon destination is, you want the hotel stay to be as luxurious as possible. Moreover, that is how it should also be, for it’s going to be the most special time of your life.

However, expenditure on hotel stays is one of the most significant parts of your overall budget. This means just a single extra night at the hotel can quickly throw you off budget. So, despite wishing to extend your stay, you often hold yourself back.

However, when you’re a credit card holder, then chances are that you’ll get huge discounts on your hotel stays. SBI cards, for instance, under its Mastercard privileges offer exclusive discount benefits when making booking through websites like in Asia Pacific. Moreover, they also offer complimentary Trident membership that comes with many welcome points, bonus points and hotel credit on extended nigh stays., The amount you save on hotel stays can be used to buy special gifts for your better half or to do something more thrilling.

Experience Comfortable Airport Transfer

Honeymoon planning with a credit card can get you privileges
Honeymoon planning with a credit card can get you privileges                                                                           Image credit: Pixabay

When you get out of the airport, wouldn’t you love it if instead of finding a local taxi, you’re driven in a luxury car? After all, it’s your honeymoon, and you want all the possible special treatment! Of course, you’ll love it, we know!

When you have a credit card, such a delightful luxury will come in very quickly at low cost. Many credit card companies offer their cardholders huge discounts on luxury airport transfer service, which means you can consider buying this service, given the reduced cost. Moreover, if you have any accumulated bonus points, then that may help to bring down the cost of transportation further.

Save on Airfare to Splurge Elsewhere

Save on air fare for your honeymoon
Save on airfare for your honeymoon                                                                                                                                        Image credit: Pixabay

Many credit card companies have tie-ups with airlines and hotels and offer great benefits to their cardholders. Financial institutions like SBI cards also offer complimentary Vistara membership that gives cardholders various benefits like bonus points, complimentary lounge access etc. This can make your travel less-costlier and more comfortable.  For every night that you spend at the hotel, you can earn air miles that can bring down the cost of airfare considerably.

Not just that, if you book your hotel through certain specific sites, then you can even enjoy additional discounts sometimes. Also, like they say, that a penny saved is a penny earned, use this saved money to shop, eat and enjoy to your heart’s content with your partner.

Upgrade Your Hotel Experience

Honeymoon planning tip - Upgrade your hotel room using the credit card
Honeymoon planning tip – Upgrade your hotel room using the credit card                                                            Image credit: Pixabay

Nothing can give you the same delight than reaching your hotel and realizing that you’ve been upgraded to a suite. Just an upgrade can change your whole experience. You may even get access to the exclusive lounge, where you can relax while you enjoy complimentary drinks.

Being newlyweds, make it a point to mention that you’re on your honeymoon while making bookings or reservations. This will bring many upgradations and perks your way!

Planning a honeymoon with a First-Class Flight

Many honeymoon couples dream of flying in a spacious first-class seat. But how can you turn this dream into a reality without a dent in your pocket? The perfect way can be using your credit card rewards to redeem this luxurious upgrade.

However, you’ll have to find various things concerning this. For instance, which card offers the most valuable sign up bonuses, how best to take advantage of airline partners, alliances and so on.

Make the Most of It!

After spending hefty sums of money on your wedding, we know you would want to go a bit easy on the pocket on the honeymoon. With the right kind of planning, you can make this possible and give yourself and your beloved an experience of a lifetime.

Moreover, using a credit card will offer you convenience in spending money whenever and wherever you want. Additionally, various benefits will come with Mastercard privileges that will enhance your experience of flying to and staying in any beautiful location in the country. You can use these privileges to redeem all kinds of rewards and bonuses and save money too.

So, when you have the privilege of a simple card, why worry about carrying cash? When out holidaying with your love, just chill, relax and romance at one of your favorite honeymoon destinations!

Planning a honeymoon
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