My fairy tale stay at Rokeby Manor in Landour, Mussoorie

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This weekend was my fairy tale weekend – it was like I was Snow White or Cinderella or one of those princesses who lived in a cute little wooden manor amidst the green and cool hills with not a care in the world. Landour, the quaint little hill station near Mussoorie, 2 hours from Dehra Dun, was an apt setting for this fairy tale place. And completing this experience – was my stay at Rokeby Manor.

View of Landour - Mussoorie from Rokeby Manor
View of Landour – Mussoorie from Rokeby Manor

Rokeby Manor is a heritage home that is now converted into a luxury hotel. It is quite unlike a regular resort or a hotel – very unique in a lot of ways. Whatever they have done to it, they sure knew how to turn on their Old world Charm on Princess Ami and allowed her to experience a fairy tale life. Here are those 5 ways in which Rokeby Manor changed your regular Thrilling Traveler to Princess Ami –

The Heritage Home of Rokeby Manor

For those of you who are not familiar with Landour, this little hill station was largely established by the British in India. As was the practice in those days, they named this little place after a Welsh village –  Llanddowror. In 1840, one of the British officers – Captain G.N. Cauthy, built the house – Rokeby Manor (a name from Sir Walter Scott‘s poem). Rokeby Manor changed many owners after that but what remained was its original stone and wooden building – something that you can still see today.

Entrance to Rokeby Manor, Landour
Entrance to Rokeby Manor, Landour

My first transformation into the Princess happened as I entered the gates of the Manor and laid my eyes on the charming stone arched gateway. A strong wooden door leads you into the main reception and the lobby area – complete with its wood panels and a cute little fire-place. The entire building transports you immediately into those fairy tale settings and that was the beginning of my fairy tale.

The warm wooden lobby with its cute fire place. Rokeby Manor
The warm wooden lobby with its cute fire-place. Rokeby Manor

The heritage part is not just the buildings, but also, the cute little things from the past that they have still kept in the hotel as decor. Like this safe – which every guest attempts to open but have never managed to. Catch this one in the reception.

The safe that every guest tries to open at Rokeby Manor
The safe that every guest tries to open at Rokeby Manor

Property spread along Landour Cantonment

The building with rooms at Rokeby Manor
The building with rooms at Rokeby Manor

Rokeby Manor is not just set in the original home but is widespread to include several other homes in Landour. Just like an estate spread over an area, it is not all contained within one gate. You literally need to walk or ride to the other buildings. Rokeby Manor offers you not just regular rooms and suites but also, private luxury residences. These are set at some amazing locations that allow you a spectacular view of the Himalayas.

2BHK House of the Rokeby Manor Estate
2BHK House of the Rokeby Manor Estate

Rokeby Manor also, has its own bar and restaurant set a little walk away – with an indoor and outdoor seating. A little distance from it is a cute little Spa.

The little bar at Rokeby Manor
The little bar at Rokeby Manor

The way the entire property is set, you literally feel like the King of the Land, with a castle in the center and a kingdom spread across these points. This Princess had a fabulous time touring her kingdom and visiting the various subjects within.

Comfortable rooms

My first room at Rokeby Manor
My first room at Rokeby Manor

While the Old world charm is retained, Rokeby Manor has been refurbished to provide its guests with the best of facilities. Contained within the warm heated room are the modern facilities of hot showers, comfortable seating, TV, Coffee making facilities etc.

One of the bedrooms at the Residences of Rokeby Manor
One of the bedrooms at the Residences of Rokeby Manor

The residences are either 2BHK or 3 BHK, complete with wooden staircases and French windows to enjoy the beautiful views outside. The residences have their own butler to take care of the kitchen. Small sit outs, sun deck lounges or jacuzzi are available within their front porch, allowing the guests to relax while taking in those gorgeous hillscapes.

The gorgeous view from the drawing room of the residences at Rokeby Manor
The gorgeous view from the drawing-room of the residences at Rokeby Manor

During my stay, I was put up in a room that had a little sit-out overlooking Mussoorie and Landor Towns. Later during the stay, I was upgraded to the Rhododendron suite, which had a fire-place of its own. How could Princess Ami resist a cup of tea by the fire? 🙂

Princess sipping tea by the fire in her room.
Princess sipping tea by the fire in her room.

Stunning views from Rokeby Manor

Glimpse of the snow-covered Himalayas at Landour
Glimpse of the snow-covered Himalayas at Landour

No matter which room or residence that you are staying in, the beauty of Landour is well experienced at Rokeby Manor. The colorful floral delights around you add to the charm of the views that you catch here. I had the most amazing time catching the sunsets from my own porch. Why – I even caught the famed Winter Line of Mussoorie!

The perfect Winter Line of Mussoorie, caught from my porch at Rokeby Manor
The perfect Winter Line of Mussoorie, caught from my porch at Rokeby Manor

Helpful and Attentive Staff

Be it the Cafe or the Rooms or the Spa – the staff at Rokeby Manor know how to pamper you. They charm you with their attentiveness and are always ready with a smile to make you feel like a royalty.

Food – perfect for a Princess

Emily's - the dinning room at Rokeby Manor.
Emily’s – the dinning room at Rokeby Manor.

With over 4 restaurants to pick from, a Princess was spoilt for choice. Breakfast at Emily’s was perfect with its large spread of English and Indian dishes. The dinner menu offered cuisines from across the world – Middle Eastern to Thai and Burmese – each dish cooked to perfection. The Clock Tower restaurant in the old town of Landour was a delight for its Pizzas and Sizzlers. In short, the royalty was pleased.

Pampering Services at Rokeby Manor

Every royalty needs to be waited hand to feet! 🙂

Spa at Rokeby Manor
Spa at Rokeby Manor

At Rokeby Manor, I was pampered at the Spa. Well equipped for any service – from head massages to manicures and pedicures and couple massages, the Spa was a perfect way to soothen your senses. If it is not a Spa that interests you, you can choose to try out the sun decks at the hotel, or sit on a swing to enjoy the sunset or even opt for an open air Jacuzzi experience. Every royalty has a choice and Rokeby Manor seems to offer them all.

Activities at Rokeby Manor

Here is where you can take a pick from the multitude of activities that Rokeby Manor has to offer. From Shopping to sightseeing, Rokeby Manor has some packages ready for you. All you have to do is book in advance and Rokeby Manor will get you set for it. A perfect way to discover and experience the best of Landour and Mussoorie. My account of the same, coming up shortly.

My overall impression of Rokeby Manor

Getting back to me being a Thrilling Traveler, I must say that I totally loved my fairy tale experience at Rokeby Manor. Here is how I would rate the place

Ratings for Rokeby Manor

The place does seem a little unreal but I cannot help rate it high. After all, I did feel like a princess! I definitely would recommend this as the place to stay in Landour. What would you rate such a place? Let me know.

Rokeby Manor

Getting here:

  • Dehra Dun is the closest airport to Landour. There are regular flights from Delhi to Dehra Dun. You can even reach Dehra Dun by railway or road.
  • From Dehra Dun, Landour is a 2 hour drive. There are plenty of cabs available at the Railway station or Airport to take you to Landour. They charge around INR 2500 to Landour and INR 3000 to Rokeby Manor
  • Alternatively, you can request for a transfer or pick-up from Rokeby Manor itself when booking a room.

Travel Tips:

  • Here is the official website of Rokeby Manor. You can book through this site or any of the well-known travel sites.
  • The prices per room vary from INR 5000 to 20,000 depending on the room that is selected. The Residences are at INR 50,000.
  • This property has limited rooms – around 12 – 15 only. Hence, ensure your booking is done and confirmed well in advance.
  • The activities at Rokeby are generally charged extra, unless you are a part of a package
  • To go from one property to another of Rokeby Manor, you can either walk or request for a complimentary drop at the reception.
  • Landour is quite cool through the year. The best time to visit is from April to June when the rhododendrons and other flowers are in full bloom. Avoid Monsoons as it rains quite heavily here. December and January do see extreme winter with snowfall.
  • Flat shoes and warm woolen clothes are recommended when visiting Landour.

P.S: Though I was invited by Rokeby Manor for a stay in Landour, the views and opinions expressed here are completely based on my own experience and are solely my own.





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  1. 2travellingsisters

    WOW! Looks like Princess Ami was totally spoiled at Rokeby Manor 😉 ! The manor and the view is truly enchanting and the capture of Winter Line is simply amazing!

  2. Kalpanaa

    Lovely post Ami. Looks like a cosy place – which is what I’ve always thought about it when I’m in Landour. Must make a point to stay there.

  3. Yogi Saraswat

    This place looks really very beautiful but I know this place as famous Indian English writer Ruskin Bond lives there .

  4. Pooja Bhatt

    Amazing Place to be in, the Rooms have Lovely View to the Company and the Sunset popping in the Backdrop was like an Icing on the Cake 🙂 Perfect Place to get lost !

  5. uoprincess

    Every girl deserves to feel like a princess! Good for you and what a cute place!

  6. Chris

    Talk about some of the most stunning bedroom views one could ever ask for!

    I’m glad you seemed to very much enjoy your stay

  7. Vyjay Rao

    What a lovely and picturesque place. The views are breathtaking and the place has an old world charm. I have not been to Landour, only Mussoorie. Hope to check this out when I get these parts next.

  8. Lewi Blake

    Take me to Landour! It really is a fairy tale place. You keep sharing all of these wonderful articles on India that it has jumped to the top of my travel list!

  9. vishvarsha

    As it is mussoorie is such a dreamlike place and after reading your experience looks like you got some princess-ly time at Rokeby Manor 😀 Such a cute place!

  10. Sona Sethi

    Wow! My in-lasw stay very close to Dehradun. Next time when I visit India, I will definitely make a visit here. Looks like a beautiful place to relac away from the hustle bustle of the city.

  11. Tom

    I’m not usually into lux travel, but the views from the hotel, in the first photo, would be worth something by themselves. Some photos of the food would be great!

  12. Blair Villanueva

    This kind of vacation makes me feel like I am a princess waiting for my prince on top of my Manor, lol. And seems like I could dream that own the entire land!


  13. Joanna

    I really like the feel of this resort (can i call it like this?). I can see elements of the British architecture but also of the Indian architecture it is really pretty! And those views from the bed are to die for!

  14. Alberto C.

    Very nice manor, I loved the traditional decoration inside, and the views are just incredible! I’d love to wake up to those wonderful panorama of the mountains 🙂 thanks for sharing this with us!

  15. Shane

    Wow this is quite a striking accommodation. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this city, the views are surreal!

  16. EG III

    I can only imagine how you must have felt while staying there because I was already sold simply by the sight of the reception area. The stone and fireplace look so welcoming and inviting!

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    The Rookby Manor looks absolutely fascinating and that mountain view is breathtaking. It looks like a perfect place for a secluded romantic getaway!

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    What a glorious looking place to stay! The rooms have such spectacular views. I could totally see myself enjoying a weekend here. I loved the stockings at the fireplace.

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    Wow, how incredible is this place?! Totally agree that it looks like a princess castle. This would probably be near the top of my list of places to stay, the views from the bedrooms are crazy!! Idk if I would leave the property, haha.

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    Seems like an exotic place to stay. One thing I like about what Britishers left behind is their styles of mansions! Very impressive. The stay indeed looks fairy tale like!

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    love the way you tell about this place. It’s amazing information the places with wonderful pics. I’ve never gone there before. Noted it!