The tale of Gandikota fort & gorge | A complete Gandikota travel guide

Finally made it ! Gandikota!

The blue green Penna river pierced through the ravine Creating a bewitching scene. On one end, I stared at the contrast of sorts While on the other side, I heard the whisper of ancient Gandikota fort. Discover Gandikota grand canyon with its heritage fort through this complete Gandikota travel guide. People refer to Gandikota as … Read more

Lepakshi Temple – Poetry in Stone

Open Air Kalyana Mantappa of Lepakshi

Tucked away in a small village near Anantapur of Andhra Pradesh, is this little village called Lepakshi. The village is known for its amazing 16th-century treasures – especially the Lepakshi Temple. Though in Andhra Pradesh, the village is closer to Bangalore. The distance from Bangalore to Lepakshi is around 140 km. This makes it a … Read more

Driving to Horsley Hills

Yellow Blossoms lining up to greet you as you enter Horsley Hills

Let’s go back to those fairy tales where you have this one home or castle atop a lovely hill with blossoms of flowers and pretty birds entertaining you with their melodious chirps, where the deer spring around and the clouds give you company….Mmmm! Sigh! Dreamy? Well, I lived this dreamy feeling at the Horsley hills … Read more

The hidden underground city of Belum Caves Andhra Pradesh

The long passages of Belum Caves

Inhabited by the monks in search of peace, deep down under the earth’s surface, the 2nd longest caves of India in Andhra Pradesh turned out to be a secret town. Like any other town above the ground, Belum Caves in Andhra Pradesh had its share of pathways in the form of winding tunnels. As is … Read more

10 Must-Visit Hill Stations in South India

Tea Gardens of Munnar, Hill station of India

Cool breeze, Misty Hills, Lovely Sunset all giving you a high Walk in the parks, boat in the lakes, dip in the waterfalls – Sigh!!! Is that how you feel when you head to a Hill Station?  There is something very refreshing, peaceful and romantic about hill stations. Every time I visit a new hill … Read more