Weddings in Mauritius: Perfect way to complete your love story

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Mauritius with its innate charm, has always enticed honeymooners from across the world. Not surprising, given the wealth of natural beauty this island has. And then there are other reasons too, which I have listed down on this post. Given this perfect scenario, it is not surprising that Mauritius has now emerged as a hot wedding destination. Weddings in Mauritius have a fairy tale feel. This Valentine’s day seems like a perfect opportunity to share what my fairytale wedding destinations in Mauritius – ones that end your love story in that happily-ever-after way.

Weddings in Mauritius - a perfect ending to your love story

Weddings are meant to be your day – one where you are treated like royalty and a wedding destination goes a long way to make you feel that way. The memories created in fairy-tale ambiance stay forever and in a way, help you bond later in years to come. I came across 4 such wedding venues in Mauritius where I know I would have loved to have my own wedding. Maybe, if I am lucky, I can renew my vows all over again with my hubby and definitely, one of these places would be my pick. Take a look –

1) Weddings in Mauritius by the beach

Weddings in Mauritius by the beach

Sea wind blowing through your hair, stars in your eyes, fresh freesias in your hair as you behold you love waiting for you at the end of a pier, surrounded by perfect blue sea on either side….beach weddings are just so amazing. I could well imagine this scene at the Beachcomber resort – Trou Aux Biches in Mauritius. And to top it all up, there could be a band playing right by the beach as the guests enjoyed a dance or two on the makeshift stage.

A perfect venue for the pre-wedding functions - one of the many pools at the Beachcomber Trou Aux Biches resort in Mauritius

The evening pre-wedding functions could be held at one of their many poolside lawns, which would reflect and double the whole fiesta lights. The Beachcomber resort also, showcased a part of this when lamps were lit at night and set afloat on their water bodies. Perfect isn’t it?

2) Exchanging the vows deep under the ocean

Ash and me scuba diving in Andamans - my fantasy underwater wedding

For someone who has this new found love of Scuba diving, I thought it would be perfect to have the graceful marine life as guests while I exchange my vows with my hubby. Why I experienced a part of it at Andamans. However, I am not sure of the Pundit or the Padre can make it to make my vows official.  I mean – Scuba isn’t easy…is it? Also, not too sure if Ash can understand my bubbles language 🙂

Blue Safari Submarine - Perfect for weddings in Mauritius deep under water

However, Mauritius just solved this with a unique solution. Submarines in Mauritius by Blue Safari allow you to have a wedding deep under water. Yes, it restricts the number of guests but then, you can always have a large party on the deck or the boat.

If not a wedding, why not propose deep under the ocean? And clink a glass of champagne to celebrate your love story.

3) The Royal touch with a wedding at the Chateau

Weddings in Mauritius can be royal at Chateau de Labourdonnais

Weddings in Mauritius can be quite a royal affair, especially if you choose to have it at the Chateau de Labourdonnais. When I visited the place, I could so picture a big fat Indian Wedding here, complete with mehendi and sangeet. The sprawling lawns, especially my favorite pink blossom tree, seemed to be ideal for all the royal seating of the bride and groom.

Perfect place to exchange the vows at Chateau de Labourdonnais, Mauritius

The lawn behind the Chateau was where I pictured some of the dinner and dance functions of the wedding. The Chateau caters to huge parties and allows the groom and the bride a small room within the Chateau basement for their dress up requirements. Imagine posing for some epic photographs against the lovely Chateau de Labourdonnais itself. Indeed a fairy tale experience.

4) In the midst of nature, high up in the air

La Vallee des Couleurs - a fine wedding venue for couples who love nature

The Vallee des Couleurs seems like a perfect setting for couples who love nature, mountains and some adventure. When I visited here, I frankly did not think of it as a wedding venue. It was only when I saw some gorgeous pictures of a bride in the midst of the campus that I re-imagined the whole place as a wedding venue.

Prancing peacocks grace your weddings at the Vallee des Couleurs, Mauritius.

With the wise tortoise by your side and a lovely peacock dancing along with your guests, you are bound to feel as if you are on the 7th heaven. And if that wasn’t enough, you can actually walk on the clouds as you take a twin zipline to exchange your rings, midair. Don’t believe me, take a look at this pic on the Vallee Des Couleurs FB page.

Weddings in Mauritius at the Vallee des Couleurs

I can also, imagine a small engagement in front of the many magical cascades that this place has. What more could a couple wish for?

Well, don’t you think weddings in Mauritius are just perfect to complete your fairytale love story? Which one of these appeals to you? Do message in and let me know. In the meanwhile, here is to an amazing Valentine’s day with your loved one.

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For wedding queries at any of the locations mentioned above, you can click on the respective destination websites and write to them.

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