Explore Hawa Mahal

The Palace of Winds in Jaipur

"A landmark in the pink city, built in the shape of Krishna's peacock crown"

A Palace not meant for living   But designed to be a screen

The facade gave an opportunity for the women of the palace to watch the celebrations, processions and festivals on the streets without being seen by the public.

It has 953 windows

It has 5 levels & no stairs inside to reach each level

There is no front entrance

It is the tallest building in the world which has no foundation

Facts about Hawa Mahal

The 5 levels are named as

Sharad Mandir Ratan Mandir  Vichitra Mandir Prakash Mandir Hawa Mandir

Stained Glass windows & Pretty Doors

Fountain, Jharokhas & Jhalis ...

A delightful fusion of Mughal & Rajputana styles

The Breezy Effect

The 900 odd windows created a Venturi effect, making this palace a perfect escape from the heat for the Royal Family 

Hawa Mahal along with the Jantar Mantar is a part of the Jaipur City Palace

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