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I have always said that one of the key gadgets that one requires when they travel is a good mobile phone. It is not just about capturing images or staying in touch but also, for the fact that it tends to become a security device for you. Most of us tend to store our information on this device and thus when lost, your phone also, acts as your guide. And then, there is also, a need to bust your boredom during those long travels, when it doubles up as your entertainment device. I have shared my opinion on several phones before that can work for a traveler but today, I review a new entrant into this mobile market – the InFocus Turbo5 Plus.

A new smartphone under 10000 - InFocus Turbo5 Plus

InFocus Turbo5 Plus was launched a few weeks back and they promise a 2-day battery life with a dual camera set-up that works perfectly for a traveler.  I got a chance to give an opinion to my readers on what I thought about the phone and naturally, I was game for a lot of you might just need it. Since I am no techie, I will not be getting into the Greek and Latin of the make. I have looked at this phone purely from a perspective of a traveler and hence, will be reviewing it only from those parameters. So, here goes –

1) Overall Look and Feel of InFocus Turbo5 Plus

Sleek is the first adjective that I had on my mind when I unboxed the InFocus Turbo5 Plus. The phone that was sent to me was in the Royal Gold color that added to the elegance of the phone. I even liked the curved edges of the phone, which makes it easy to handle. The specs tell me that the phone is around 15.5 cms long and 8 cms wide. The thickness is just around 9mm, which makes it fairly easy to stick into the back pocket of your trousers.

Sleek and handy Smartphone for travelers

The one thing that I personally am wary of, is that fact that the glass is not a Guerilla glass. And the clumsy person that I am, I might just shatter it with a drop.

2) Processing and Memory Capabilities

I for one, am a heavy app user on the phone. From location services to social media and personal utility tools like notes, I capture it all on the mobile. This is where I feel that the processing capabilities and the memory required need to be up to the mark. The InFocus Turbo5 Plus comes with an MT6750 Octacore processor and a 3GB RAM that does the processing fairly quick. Adding to the easy is the preloaded Android 7.0.I loaded the device with a few games, social apps, and photo apps. I tried using them all together, and I would say that it was not too bad. Multitasking is definitely a plus on this phone.

The phone comes with a built-in memory of 32GB and allows you a memory expansion upto 64 GB with a microSD card. This seems perfect again given the number of multimedia files I store on my phone.

The Infocus Turbo5 Plus has a dual SIM capability – perfect for a traveler who uses two different SIMs when abroad.

3) Security features

As a traveler, I like to travel cashless as much as possible. This also, means heavily relying on m-payments. Also, a lot of personal information tends to get stored on your phone – so security becomes of prime importance. The InFocus Turbo5 Plus comes with a fingerprint sensor that definitely increases the security quotient of the phone. Should you lose the phone (and yes, that is a nightmare!) the only option that the finder has to reset the phone, causing them to wipe out your personal data anyway.

4) Battery Life of InFocus Turbo5 Plus

My biggest crib when traveling is the battery of my phones. True that the phones go through an additional layer of battery requirement –

  • Roaming tends to drain your battery faster
  • I tend to leave the location services on for security reasons
  • Using multimedia like Camera and Music definitely, add to the battery stress

I could not test this phone in these conditions but I simulated a few. I left the location services on and used it to capture a run that I did. Adding to this, I used the multimedia apps for the two days that I was testing the phone and I must say that the phone scores a little high on the battery drain.  Though the claimed battery life is for 2 days, I would say that it would serve well for around a day. Good enough for a traveler for I know of phones that need a charge within half a day!

5) Dual Camera of InFocus Turbo5 Plus

I deliberately left my biggest focus and parameter for the end. My first criteria for any phone is its camera – I mean, you all know that I love capturing pictures 🙂

The InFocus Turbo5 Plus has a 13MP dual camera on the rear and a 5MP front camera. In addition, it offers features like Panorama and Depth effect for portraits. The camera also, offers an expert mode that allows you to manually adjust the settings as in a DSLR. It also, allows you to capture RAW images.  Naturally, I had to test them all and here is what I caught – all unedited for you ti understand better.

Natural Light Photography

Taken on InFocus Turbo5 plus
Natural Light Pictures on InFocus Turbo5 Plus

The HDR version does give a certain sharpness to the picture but I found the vivid shades of the scene lacking. Sure you can set that right with the InFocus photo editing tool but I would have preferred capturing it straight on.

HDR Version of the InFocus Turbo5 Plus

Macro Photography

With Bokeh Effect on InFocus Turbo5 Plus

The details are fairly decently captured and are quite sharp. I even experimented with their Depth option that allows you 4 levels of Bokeh effect. You can adjust the area you wish to capture and then just click to get that blur effect. Definitely, helps when you have a subject you need to focus on.


Panorama on InFocus Turbo5 Plus

I personally, found this lacking as compared to a lot of other phones that I have used. The panorama is not a smooth sweep but needs you to move along an arrow and wait till that part is recorded. Once that is done, you move again to the next one is added. This definitely creates a lag as you tend to lose out on the continuous motion of the subjects in the background – in this case the lapping water and the birds.

The slight time lag in Panoramas

On the plus side, you can take both horizontal and vertical panoramas.

Low Light Pictures

Low Light on InFocus Turbo5 Plus

The low light photos were not very satisfactory. I would have liked a little more sharpness to the image. I would have assumed that the dual camera, this would have been better.

Video Capabilities

Here is a short clip of a centipede that I captured on the InFocus Turbo5 Plus. While it is quite sharp when held still, there is a slight motion blur when I moved the camera closer to the subject. I loved the audio capture though for you can even hear the babble of crowd that was quite far from where I was standing.


Selfie taken on Infocus

The front camera left me wanting for more. I could have done with better selfies – more vibrant and clearer. No doubt that the beauty mode helps but it still left me wanting for more.

Overall Verdict on the Infocus Turbo5 Plus

Given that this is a Smartphone under 10000, there are quite a few parameters that I felt worked for a traveler. Here is my summary of them –

InFocus Turbo5 Plus

Given the price point and the features, I think the InFocus Turbo5 Plus is a good phone to be included in your search for Handsets under 10000 Rupees. The handset can be purchased exclusively on Amazon India. Tell me what you found interesting about this phone. 🙂 Tell me what did you find interesting about this phone. 🙂

P.S:  My views and reviews as above are purely based on this experience of using the Infocus Turbo5 Plus.They are truly and honestly my own.

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