Things to do in Sorrento, Italy

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Facing the Bay of Naples, the coastal town of Sorrento is located in the southwestern part of Italy. Apart from perched atop cliffs, this place is also popular for its sweeping water views, Piazza Tasso, and pastel-colored buildings. Sorrento is also popular for its lemons and Limoncello. The city serves as a great place to explore the region. It has much to offer than you may expect. It’s a great foundation city for your Amalfi Coast itinerary.

The charm of Sorrento attractions

If you are still susceptible, just take a look at our list of most recommended things to do in Sorrento, Italy.

Things to Do In Sorrento

Explore Amalfi Coast

Amalfi coast is a popular Italian coastline, which sprawls over an area of 50km. Located on the Sorrentine Peninsula’s southern edge, this tourist attraction is one to the topmost picturesque coastlines around the world.

One of the must-see things in Sorrento - the Amalfi Coastline

Sheer cliffs, pastel-colored houses crystal clear waters, olive groves, and Cliffside lemon farms are some of the highlights of this exquisite place. The views are truly mesmerizing, making your trip to Sorrento a memorable one. Besides, hiking trails are thrilling and adventurous by all means.

Pay a Visit to Capri

Capri is a beautiful Italian island, offering an unforgettable high life experience. This island is one of the most glamorous islands in Italy and one of the most recommended Sorrento day trips. Reaching this island is easy, just take a ferry from Sorrento and land on Capri after a 20 minutes ride. Locals and foreigner tourists love Capri alike and visit this place in huge numbers annually. Capri is a relatively expensive place to hang out. However, it is simply worth visiting this island, as it offers a lot to explore and cherish.

Capri - one of the most recommended day trips from Sorrento

The towering cliffs, glistening waters, and dreamy atmosphere adds a sensational vibe to Capri. One of the most popular things to do in Capri is to visit the Blue Grotto – the magical sea cave that glows blue. Furthermore, the chairlift ride offers a panoramic view of the bay. You might want to book a tour to experience Capri in the finest form.

Stroll through Old Town

Old Town is the bustling part of Sorrento, which attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. Contrary to other sleepy areas of Sorrentine Peninsula, the Old Town promises a jarring experience.

Visit Sorrento Old Town

Usually, visitors love buying ceramic lemon fridge magnets, bottles of Limoncello, and lacework. The Italian traditions are very much there, giving this area a charming and enchanting feel. The pastel-colored buildings add more color to the scenic beauty of Old Town.

Spend some Lazy Moments at the Bay

There is no beach like this one throughout Sorrento Italy, making it a perfect spot for a summer dip. In fact, Sorrento is a city on cliffs, having a limited number of beaches. However, there are still places like Bay to sit and relax by the waterfront.

To reach here, just take the steep road from Piazza Tasso to the harbor. Here, you can find some ideal places to enjoy sunbathing or swimming.

Enjoy Chilled Limonoro

Limonoro is a sweet lemon liqueur, which is the proudest export of Sorrento. It won’t be a good idea to visit Sorrento and leave without sampling the world-famous Limonoro. Prepare yourself for a bit of kick, as it comprises of 32% alcohol.

Try a Limonoro - an unique thing to do in Sorrento

Although most of the restaurants offer a thimble after every meal, make sure to visit Limonoro for a true and sensational experience of this drink. Here, guided tours will help you to learn about the origin, varieties, and process of making Limonoro.

Head to Gelateria Davide

Known as the best gelato spot throughout Sorrento, Gelateria Davide is the must place to visit. It started operating in 1957 and is still gaining popularity. After feasting on the heavy and salty seafood, something sweet in the end would definitely make your day.

Gelateria Davide is a family-run business, serving gelato for almost three generations. There is a huge variety of gelato, making it hard to choose one. Some of the most recommended flavors include ricotta, prosecco, tangy mulberry, sweet local lemon, and classic pistachio.

Eat at `O Parrucchiano

The cafes along the streets of Sorrento

`O Parrucchiano is a beautiful Campanian restaurant, offering an altogether different pasta experience. Besides, the place is filled with lemon trees, adding citrusy fragrance to the atmosphere. The idea of eating delicious seafood spaghetti and pasta under the shade of lemon trees is simply appealing.

Spend some time at Piazza Tasso

Piazze Tasso is a bustling and open piazza, located at the edge of Old Town. This place is always bustling with tourists and locals. In fact, it’s the basic hub of activity while visiting Sorrento. Tourists ride and enjoy the feel of horse-drawn carriages.

When it comes to horse-drawn carriages in Europe, one place that you should consider visiting is Krakow. With its heritage tales and cobblestone roads, you will soon be adding it to your Europe Bucketlist. 

The Grand Sunshine yellow buildings are home to a lot of restaurants and cafes, giving you a perfect opportunity to enjoy the best Italian cuisines. No doubt, this is one of the best things to do in Sorrento.

Visit Marina Grande

Marina Grande is a pastel-colored fishing village, close to the waterfront of Sorrento. Here, you can spend some lazy moments while adoring the postcard-pretty village. Marina Grande is located in the western area of Sorrento, which is easy to reach.

The fishing village of Marina Grande

After absorbing the razzle-dazzle of Piazza Tasso, head to Marina Grande with a view to adore its rustic charm. This fishing harbor offers a traditional layback feel. You can also try some classic gnocchi Alla Sorrentino and seafood antipasti by visiting one of the family-run restaurants along the water edge. Here, you can plan a boat tour to Capri, Amalfi Coast, Naples, Ischia, and Procida. Most of the Sorrento coast’s beaches are within close vicinity to the Marina Grande.

An alternate to Marina Grande is Marina Piccola. With its long pier, a pretty beach covered with sunbeds and umbrellas and tons of restaurants, it can definitely be counted as an important tourist attraction of Sorrento.

Head to Villa Comunale Park

Visiting Villa Comunale is one of the most romantic and enjoyable experiences associated with a trip to Sorrento. You can indulge yourself into a wide range of things such as watching the sunset from Villa Comunale Park. It is right above the Marina Grande, offering you some amazing panoramic views of the harbor.

Plan a visit to Lemon Farms

Lemon Farms of Sorrento

A lemon farm tour is a great idea to learn about lemon farming. Here, you can enjoy a free tasting of the local products. The beautiful sunset views and hiking trails are some other perks of visiting lemon farms. The aroma of fresh lemons relaxes you a bit after absorbing the hustle and bustle of the city. Some of the farmers allow guided tour to their lemon processing factories.

With its enchanting views and this list of what to do in Sorrento, it will not be surprising that you are looking up your holiday calendar to get here. While you do that, don’t forget to pin this up.

How to get to Sorrento?

  • The closest airport to Sorrento is Naples. Besides a car, one can use the regular buses that ply straight from the airport to Sorrento.  It takes around an hour to get to the city.
  • Trains are a good option to get here. Since Sorrento has its own train station, you can, in fact, get a train from anywhere in Italy to get here directly.
  • There are plenty of ferries that ply between Sorrento and Naples.

Where to stay in Sorrento?

  • Refer to this website for the various Sorrento accommodation options. You can compare the rates and reviews to book your stay in Sorrento. Two of the recommended areas to consider hotels are Piazza Tasso and Marina Grande.
  • Consider this link to book accommodation through

Day Trips from Sorrento, Italy

While there is plenty to enjoy within Sorrento, keep aside a few days for the lovely day trips that you can make from here. One, of course, is a boat tour to Capri but consider another one to the famous Mount Vesuvius and the ghost town of Pompeii. Here are a few day tours with online booking links for you to consider when you are in Sorrento. Remember, booking through them will not cost you anything additional but will help us earn some commission to keep this website going. Some of these tours are in fact discounted and have advantages like a fast-track entrance to places.

  • Explore the legendary town of Pompeii and climb up Mount Vesuvius with this link. The tour includes a skip-the-line ticket and a live tour guide.
  • This tour link helps you book a full-day boat tour to Capri. The tour is well-reviewed and includes a swim in the gorgeous waters while capturing sights like the Blue Grotto.
  • Another highly reviewed tour through this link will take you from Sorrento to Positano and Amalfi. This is a picturesque road trip along the coast, covering a few heritage sites.

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