Things to do in Krakow, Poland

Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland but not to be beaten in terms of culture and energy. The devastation of the second world war and a strangling communist past is still a recent memory for many locals. However, the people of Krakow are looking to break free from their horrible history and show off the uniqueness, stunning architecture and liveliness of their city. It’s common for streets to be filled with locals spilling from cafes and bars whichever day of the week. Expect to find plenty of live music and bars around every corner and enjoy the relatively cheaper prices to Western Europe. Here are the top things to do in Krakow.

Krakow - the cultural hub of Poland
Krakow – the cultural hub of Poland

History of Krakow

They say that there is evidence of Krakow existing since the Stone Ages. There have been tools dating back to that era found near the Wawel hill. The place grew in prominence over time and saw plenty of change of hands. It was in the 1300s that the city flourished as the capital of the Piast Dynasty, who established their base in one of the key landmarks of Krakow – the Wawel Castle. It saw many invasions including that of the Mongols. Multiple fortifications were done to protect the city. Krakow remained the capital of the Polish kings till the 1700s, despite them moving out to Warsaw in the 1610s. In fact, most of them are buried in the Wawel Cathedral.

The saga of sieges continued through the 18th and 19th century with World War I and II. In spite of the various struggles, Krakow continued to be an important city in Poland. Today with its illustrious history that still resides in its old walls,  it has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you get here, you will not just be enthralled with the places to visit in Krakow but will love the various activities in town too.

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Things to do in Krakow, Poland

Walk or bike through around the Old Town

Krakow went relatively unscathed during the war compared with the rest of the country and such you can find the Old Town full of beautiful gothic and medieval buildings. However, instead of starting your stay within the city walls, get your bearings by hiring one of the city bikes or walking around the perimeter. The path surrounding the Old Town or Stare Miasto as called in Polish, is a beautiful tree-covered walkway and is just under 4 km in length.

Things to do in Krakow - Visit Wawel Castle
Things to do in Krakow – Visit Wawel Castle                                                                                                                                        Image Credits: Pixabay

There are plenty of bike tours that take your around the Old Town – one of the key Krakow Attractions. You can pick a route that takes you along the historic route of the Polish kings, past the pretty cathedrals like St. Mary’s Basilica up Wawel Hill to the Wawel Castle itself.

Relive Schindler’s list at the Oskar Schindler’s factory

One of the many Krakow Attractions - Schindler's factory
One of the many Krakow Attractions – Schindler’s factory                                                                            Image Credits: Pixabay

When the Germans began the persecution of the Jews, Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party NSDAP helped protect the Jews by hiding them and employing a few in his enamel factory. The gentleman is credited to have saved over 1200 Jews with his efforts. His factory has now been converted to an important place of interest in Krakow. You can well reconstruct the scenes from the famous movie –  Schindler’s list as you walk through the rooms – both hidden and open.

Find a lost bar in Krakow

If you have heard of a Speakeasy bar then this is Krakow’s version of the 1920’s prohibition themed drinking holes. If you’re yet to visit a Speakeasy, know you’ll need to be up for an adventure and a bit of a scavenger hunt. Most of the lost bars kick off around 9 pm and require some research for you to find and follow clues to enter. Use your imagination, ask strangers for help and don’t give up. Four of the top lost bars in Krakow are Mercy Brown, Sababa, Z Ust do Ust and Lost Bar.

Climb Kościuszko Mound

When I visit a city, I love walking. I walk everywhere and I believe it gives me such a great feel to what the city is about. Kościuszko Mound is located 4 km to the west of the Old Town. This beautiful walk goes through Blonia Park and a couple of local neighborhoods. Alternatively, you can take an Uber or a bus to the mound.

Kościuszko mound
Kościuszko mound                                                                                                                                     Image Credits: Pixabay

The mound is a special place to Krakow as it was originally built as a tomb and monument to Polish explorer Tadeusz Kościuszko. Ever since it was converted into a fort, visitors learn about the history of the Polish road to freedom and various exhibitions. Not only is it a great history lesson, but you are also granted unobstructed panoramic views of the city and the surrounds.

Funnily enough, while in Poland I learned that this explorer also named the highest mountain in Australia, which is where I worked a ski instructor.

Enjoy a meal at the Milk Bars of Krakow

Once you have worked up enough of an appetite, a good place to go for lunch is to a Bar Mleczny, which literally translates to milk bar. Historically these were the canteens of ex-socialist workers where they could go to have a cheap, filling lunch. Today, you can find milk bars throughout the city and enjoy traditional food in a cafe-like style for around 5 euros.

While the queue to get food might seem long, the meals are prepared and served quickly. A couple of good milk bars to try are Gospoda Koko and Milkbar Tomasza, both located within the Old Town.

Wander through the Jewish Quarters

Kazimierz - an important Krakow Sightseeing place
Kazimierz – an important Krakow Sightseeing place                                                                     Image Credits: Pixabay

The Jewish Quarter in Krakow is part of the Kazimierz district. It is located to the southeast of the Old Town and borders the Vistula River. This funky neighborhood is where you will find bustling cafes, bars and restaurants, galleries, synagogues, historic sites and street art covering whole buildings. Spend an afternoon meandering through the streets getting wonderfully lost. Make sure you check out the Corner of ul. Nowa & ul. Józefa for the most colorful street art building.

In the warmer months, the waterfront will be full of locals walking their dogs and gathering with friends over a beer or espresso. A lot of the local nightlife is in Kazimierz and priced slightly cheaper than in the Old Town.

Listen to live Jazz Music

Krakow is one of the best places in Europe to listen to live jazz. Each night of the week you will find a bar or club offering a place to get lost within the music. Expect to find renowned international acts, acoustic nights, and even locals performing at open mic nights. While the nights and the music may be varied what is certain is that you’ll have a great night out. Some top venues to check out are the Harris Piano Bar, Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club, The Piano Rouge and the Old Jazz Cafe.

Taste Polish pierogi

No trip to Poland would be complete without tasting pierogi. This filled dumpling can be found throughout central and eastern Europe but always has a unique taste depending on which country you are in. The Polish pierogi can have a sweet or savory filling and is a great quick snack. You will find them at most milk bars or head to Przystanek Pierogarnia for an exclusive dumpling menu.

Admire the beauty of the Main Square

Krakow Main Square
Krakow Main Square                                                                                                                          Image Credits: Pixabay

In Polish, Rynek Główny, or main square is a central meeting point for tours and locals meeting up with friends. In fact, it has been so since the 13th Century. It is considered as “Europe’s biggest Market Square”. Spend an hour wandering around the 10-acre square and marveling at the architecture. St. Mary’s Basilica and the Town Hall Tower dominate the skyline. However, not to be missed is the long Cloth Hall through the center. This building was used for traders to sell their goods as early as the 1300s, and such is one of the oldest malls in the world. Today you can buy your loved ones a souvenir from the stalls inside.

While you are at it, seek an entrance to a hidden treasure. Meters below the Main Square lies the Rynek underground museum –  a network of tunnels with preserved exhibits from the Krakow History. From strange burial practices to underground market stalls and more, you will love the past that the museum showcases to you.

Have a beer in an old tobacco factory

In its former days, Tytano was a booming tobacco factory running for 125 years. This once abandoned building and sub-buildings have been converted into pubs, cafes and restaurants. Located less than a kilometer from the main square, Tytano is close enough to walk to but also feels like you have entered a completely different world. Rundown building exteriors are juxtaposed with modern and hip interiors. For craft beer lovers try Wezze Krafta.

Take a day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau

Auschwitz-Birkenau - a day trip from Krakow
Auschwitz-Birkenau – a day trip from Krakow

When visiting Krakow, make sure you include a day to learn about the horrendous war-time history of the country. The Auschwitz concentration camp is 1.5 hours to the west of the city by car and is best done by a tour. At the camps, there is limited signed information so ensure if you have made your own way there you get the audio tour. While there is nothing that can prepare you for such a visit, I believe it is important for everyone to visit Auschwitz to understand and prevent similar things happening in the future.

Wieliczka Salt Mine – a key Krakow Sightseeing Place

Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine – a must visit tourist attraction in Krakow                                                             Image Credits: Pixabay

A must-see in Krakow is this multi-leveled labyrinth of a salt mine. Just 14 km from the main city, the guided tour of Wieliczka Salt Mine will awe you with its underground attractions. Witness the Chapel of St Kinga which is completely made with salt – including its high chandeliers. You cannot miss the underground salt lake in the Erazm Chamber. The salt mine is an important UNESCO World Heritage site.

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These are just some of the key things to do in Krakow. Should you have more time, you can get around to exploring a lot more in this historic town. For now, pin this up on your board and comment in below as to what would be your favorite in this list of Krakow attractions.

Things to do in Krakow

How to get to Krakow?

  • Krakow has an international airport with plenty of flight connections to the rest of the world.
  • It is also, well connected by roads and railways to the rest of Europe.
  • Once in Krakow, you can opt for the public transport system to get around.

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  1. I really loved Krakow. Such a wonderful city with so much to do and so friendly. We didn’t get to the Salt Mines though and so now we will need to go back again. I also want to try out the milk bars. I love this kind of thing. We found Krakow really great value for money generally but the milk bars sound like a real bargain.

  2. I always knew I needed to go back to Krakow because the one day I had there just wasn’t enough, but your post gave me another kick in the butt to make that happen sooner than later. I was able to make it out to Auschwitz-Birkenau and the salt mines for a day trip, and both of those were very special visits, but there’s so much more to see in Krakow! I’d be really interested in touring the Schindler building (I’ve probably watched Schindler’s List 100 times) and checking out some of the lost bars there.

  3. Krakow has been on my list for a while, you’ve definitely convinced me I need to go! I love the view from the mound, looks like a beautiful city. The lost bars sound really fun — are they very hard to find? I think that would be a great pub crawl. There is definitely a lot of sobering history here, I have been wanting to visit many of these places. However, I didn’t know about the salt mines so thank you.

  4. Krakow has been in my wishlist for sometime now. There is so much to see and do there, that a long weekend is not even enough. I’m trying to find decent flight ticket prices + atleast 2 days off with weekend, so I can see some of the places atleast!
    Visiting the Salt Mine and Concentration Camp is definitely a must! It would be such a humbling experience to be there and realize how lucky we are to be living in such a different world that the suffering that had once happened there!

  5. I spent 4 days in Krakow and loved that area. I also visited Zakopane and was so attracted by its wooden houses. The hotel I stayed was a lodge and was decorated as a real home with every little detail. That was a memorable trip. But I couldn’t visit any bar in Krakow which was a pity.

  6. I thought Milk Bar is where you get your desserts and drinks like hot chocolate or latte. 🙂 But I think you can always get pierogi there. I like pierogi, so I will make sure to have different kind of them right at it’s country of origin. Somehow I forgot that the Oscar Schindler factory is located in the city, so it’s really a must-visit place for me. This city is so rich with history and I think a 1,5 hours trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau and 14km drive to Wieliczka are a must-do, too. Your notes and pictures on both places reminded me of my husband’s pictures from his trip there in the late ’80s.

    • Oh yes, so much of heritage and fun here. Erin sure has touched everyone’s wanderlust with all these attractions. Am sure you want to see the pics your hubby took for real 😉

  7. I have never been to Poland before and Krakow seems to be really interesting. Climbing Kosciuszko Mound will be a great idea, along with exploring those hidden bars. I guess I would need 2-3 days to explore the city. Do you think that’s enough?

  8. I would love to bike through this charming town, stopping at a milk bar for some great food and local company. Climbing Kosciuszko Mound also sounds like a fun adventure. I hope to visit Poland one day and I appreciate your wonderful recommendations!

  9. When I visited Ukraine, I heard lots about Poland as it is a neighboring country and therefore visiting Krakow is again on my wishlist. The path surrounding the old town looks stunning and taking a stroll or bike around must be the most beautiful thing to do here. Taking the tour of salt mine must also be another interesting thing to here.

  10. Krakow looks so incredible, will definitely take at least a week to explore.Saltmine looks interesting.I will definitely visit during Christmas.


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