The Glitz of the Swarovski Museum

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Frankly, going to the Swarovski Museum was not a part of my agenda for Austria and it happened by chance. I had to go with the flow with a little reluctance for I really wanted to spend some more time at Innsbruck. I had this pre-conceived notion that the Swarovski museum would just be another stop-over where they would like to hard-sell the Swarovski crystals to us – poor tourists. More so, was biased with the average reviews that I had read on the net.

However, as our tourist vehicle entered the Swarovski Kristallwelten campus, my reluctance changed to curiosity and wonder. 

At the Entrance of Swarovski Museum

Right at the entrance is this lovely water cascade from a giant’s mouth. A lovely combination of green and crystals, the entrance always manages to impress every single visitor to the Swarovski Kristallwelten. A perfect photography spot, you may already seen this in various pictures of your friends and family. 

History of the Swarovski Museum

Swarovski is possibly, a girl’s second best friend (first being diamonds) and when it comes to crystals, a name to reckon with. It is over 100 years old and to celebrate its century in 1995, this museum was built. The concept of the museum is around a story of a giant who collected treasures and kept them in his chamber of wonders for all to see. Let me run you through the most interesting parts of the museum

Blue Hall at the Swarovski Museum

Crystals on the Chetak at Swarovski Museum, Innsbruck

And here we begin the tour through the 14 rooms of the Chamber of Wonders. The first hall you enter is the Blue Hall – and as you can see in the picture, why so called. Here you see some really lovely designer pieces – some gems, some mummies and my favorite – Maharana Pratap’s Chetak. It was awesome seeing a part of India’s heritage here, decorated most beautifully with crystals.

2) Silent Light at Swarovski Museum

Crystal Wonderland at Swarovski Museum

 A snowy, magical Winter wonder made of crystal, with lights dancing on the Christmas tree. This beautiful exhibit combines the lights and crystals to bring out a lovely Winterland feeling. Kinda felt like the “Ice Princess” here 😉

3) Famos 

The Taj in Crystal Swarovski

This was my favorite chamber by far. Crystal models of the Wonders of the World illuminated with lights. It’s one thing seeing the Taj Mahal in its original marble and another seeing it as a crystal monument.

Lenin Mausoleum at Swarovski

The Lenin Mausoleum, the Empire State Building and the Pyramids were the other impressive pieces. Note the staircase of crystal in the Lenin Mausoleum. 

Another feature of these exhibits – particularly the pyramid, was that you need to view them from the top to see some funny videos playing in the center. These are visible only from the top. Crazy fun, right?

3) Crystal Forests at Swarovski Museum

Crystal Jelly Fish

Lovely play of lights and crystals to create a forest with reflections, sounds and sparkles. You can see the various elements of nature – water and fire created by the designers. My favorite was this Jelly fish where the crown is created with crystals and the tentacles with fibers of light. I found this to be extremely innovative and creative.

4) H G Merz

Crystal Head Piece at the Swarovski Museum

This section has quaint little things of yester-years re-created using crystal. Headgears, swords, jackets, jewelry, writing instruments – all showcased. With this as the final chamber, you exit to the shopping area of Swarovski. Of course, you get tempted and the prices are not too bad, especially considering the range that they offer. Picking a piece or two as a memento may not be such a bad idea. 🙂 

As you exit the shop, you enter the park area – a fun place with some mazes and games for the kids. There are a few decor pieces in the park too for you to admire – like the Crystal cloud and the mirror pond. My daughter had an amazing time here with the play area. 

In the end, I can say that I enjoyed my visit, even though I went there reluctantly. I would not classify this museum as “You have to go there no matter what” but would recommend this place as a “nice to visit” place if there is nothing else that you need to do. So, if you have some extra time on hand, the Swarovski museum should be considered.

The Swarovski Kristallwelten is quite unlike the other museums. It is contemporary art, using what they are best known for – Crystals. Playing around with the cuts and sparkles, using light and sound to enhance their creations – an amazing artist feat. So, if you are headed to Innsbruck and love artistic creations, you are likely to enjoy the #Swarovski Museum.


Getting there:

  • The museum is in Wattens, which is around 15 – 20 minutes by road from Innsbruck, Austria
  • There are tour operators who take you to the museum as a part of the package

Travel Tips:

  • Click here for the official website of the Swarovski Crystal world.
  • The tickets can be booked separately. However, they are also, a part of the Innsbruck travel card. So, like I said, if you are done with your visit at Innsbruck, it maybe worthwhile going to Swarovski museum.
  • Innsbruck is recommended in Winter as well along with these other destinations in Europe.





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