Enjoying sunkissed sea sprays on the sunset cruise Gokarna

The fresh water smell receded and was replaced by the fragrance of the salty sea.
A whoop of delight escaped me as our Sunset cruise Gokarna joined the Arabian sea along with the Aghanashini river
Then came the taste of the sea as a spray of sea mist hit my face
My eyes followed the drowning sun, the golden ripples and shining waves right to the green isle enclosed between the cliffs
The splashing waves and the call of the gulls felt like music to my ears

The Gokarna Sunset Cruise was a total sensorial delight

Not only was the whole experience a sensorial delight, Gokarna sunset cruise definitely added a different perspective to the same sandy shores that I had enjoyed earlier. In fact, I even saw the sunset differently on the White Pearl Cruise of Gokarna. Maybe it was the sea spray that clouded my vision or maybe it was the endearing hospitality that I was enjoying on the sunset cruise in Gokarna. Whatever the reason being, the experience definitely merits that you add this to your list of things to do in Gokarna.

Sunset cruise Gokarna - a sensorial experience
Sunset cruise Gokarna – a sensorial experience

In some ways, standing on the deck of this Sunset cruise in Gokarna, I experienced what those famous voyagers to India – Vasco Da Gama and Columbus might have felt. To see the strip of palm-fringed beaches after sailing along the vast expanse of blues would have been such a high. I am sure we have all thought of this feeling that they might have had but it is time you experience it here.

About Sunset Cruise Gokarna – a sensorial experience

Gokarna shore as seen during the Sunset cruise
Gokarna shore as seen during the Sunset cruise

Sail along the River Aghanashini as it empties itself in the Arabian sea with the Gokarna sunset cruise. You can literally experience the merging of the river with the saltwater body through all your senses.

  • You can literally smell this confluence of water bodies. There is a distinct smell of fresh water and salt water.
  • Feel the dynamic movement of the waves – of how calm they are closer to the backwaters and how undulating at various depths.
  • You can see the magnificent sights like how the sandy shores of Gokarna are sandwiched between its cliffs.
  • Stand at the deck and you can taste the sea with the misty spray on your face.
  • Enjoy the sounds of the sea, the gulls squeeling and well, even the dophins calling out to you.

The sunset cruise in Gokarna is operated by White Pearl Cruises and is available every evening. While on deck, you are treated to snacks and music. One can book the entire cruise for a party or pay per head. There are overnight stay options as well. Let me take you through my own tour of this White Pearl Cruise ship.

A tour of the White Pearl Cruise ship

White Pearl cruise docked at Tadadi port near Gokarna
White Pearl cruise docked at Tadadi port near Gokarna

Docked on the blue waters around Tadadi port near Gokarna, the White Pearl cruise bobbed up and down – almost as it were beckoning us to quickly board and join the fun. With a warm welcome, the captain took us across the lower deck to show the two luxury rooms meant for those wanting to book an overnight cruise.

The cruise has two airconditioned rooms of which one can accommodate a family of four and the other is meant for a couple. The rooms have an attached bathroom and comfortable beds. Each has a window through which you can experience the cruise sights but personally, I would say head to the upper deck for those. Before you exit to the upper deck, you will see a small sitting area – perfect to spend some time indoors in case you plan to stay for a longer duration on the cruise.

The family suite on the White Pearl cruise in Gokarna
The family suite on the White Pearl cruise in Gokarna

The Upper deck is where all the action happens – whether it is some dance, music, or the main attractions – the various sights along the cruise. Tables are arranged as in a restaurant and the make-shift chairs can be moved around to whichever spot you are comfortable. For someone like me, that wasn’t an option at all because I kept flitting between both sides and the front of the ship – all in the bid to get the best views and feel the sea spray.

Key sights to experience on the Gokarna sunset cruise

Tadadi port is a bustling fishing hub and as you start your cruise, you will see different types of fishing boats. As you exit the ports, if you are lucky, your first sight would be the dolphins welcoming you to their lair. From then, begins your tour of the Gokarna coastline.

Tadadi lighthouse

Tadadi lighthouse spotted during the Gokarna sunset cruise
Tadadi lighthouse spotted during the Gokarna sunset cruise

The first thing that you are likely to spot is the Tadadi lighthouse. High up on a cliff, this is 38m high and still functional. Tadadi lighthouse is a very popular hiking spot for visitors to Gokarna. They visit this when they trek from Belekan beach to Tadadi beach.

Kirabele beach

Kirabele beach - one that was apparently used by Tipu Sultan
Kirabele beach – one that was apparently used by Tipu Sultan

This is a tiny beach that the cruise team will alert you about. What I found interesting is that this was the beach that was used by the famous Tipu Sultan for trading.

Paradise beach of Gokarna

Paradise beach spotted during the cruise
Paradise beach spotted during the cruise

As the ship turns around the corners of those high cliffs and the splashing waves, you will see the first piece of heaven called Paradise beach. This beach is accessible only by boat or with a hike from Gokarna. The palm-fringed shore is quite popular with foreign tourists to Gokarna and has several camps pitched along its shore. From the cruise, I could see people engaged in several activities like kayaking.

Half-moon beach

Half Moon beach of Gokarna
Half Moon beach of Gokarna

I know that this beach was called so because of the half-moon shape of the shore. I frankly, only appreciated this nomenclature when I saw it during the Sunset cruise Gokarna. It does look like that – doesn’t it?

Om Beach

The 2nd semicircle of OM beach
The 2nd semicircle of OM beach

The most famous beach of Gokarna – OM beach was the last of the beaches that I saw before the White Pearl cruise ship turned back. You cannot really make out the OM shape that gives this beach its name but you do see the cliffs that create the shape. I did not actually realize how big the beach was until this Gokarna sunset cruise.

Sunset over the Arabian Sea

Experiencing the sunset in the middle of Arabian sea during the Sunset cruise Gokarna
Experiencing the sunset in the middle of Arabian sea during the Sunset cruise Gokarna

Don’t miss the golden sunset when the ball of fire drowns into the sea, turning everything into fiery orange. Sunsets are always magical and watching it in the middle of the sea definitely is a different experience.

Food and hospitality on the sunset cruise in Gokarna

Remember – I told you that there are different types of cruise packages that you can avail of when you opt for White Pearl Cruise. Depending on the package, you will be served refreshments, snacks or a complete meal. For the Gokarna sunset cruise, we were treated to snacks and soft drinks. Since we were here on invite by the India Tourism Bengaluru team- after the regular guests departed, we got a chance to experience their dinner as well.

The dining area of the upper deck of the Sunset cruise in Gokarna
The dining area of the upper deck of the Sunset cruise in Gokarna

There is no kitchen on the ship and all the food is brought in from the mainland. Hence, the menu is fixed and the number of items limited. They, however, do have the facility to heat food and what is served is fairly warm and fresh. The snacks included crispy french fries and samosa along with a choice of hot and cold beverages. The dinner included a soup, rotis with vegetables and daal and two rice varieties. Ice cream and an Indian sweet dish finished the course.

The staff and the team on the cruise are extremely friendly and helpful. They do go out of their way to make you feel special – and I don’t just say this as an invited guest. I noticed them with the other guests, especially the kids.

On the whole, the Sunset cruise in Gokarna is very safe and loads of fun – especially when you go here with your friends. For me, the fact that I saw the world from the sea was definitely a high point. What added to the pleasure is the sensorial experience that you can get on this Gokarna sunset cruise. I am sure that itself is a reason enough for you to pin these up on your boards and start planning for the same.

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Gokarna cruise guide

What are the different types of cruises in Gokarna?

White Pearl Cruise has the following types of packages. These include –
– Breakfast Cruise – This starts at 9:30 am to 11:30 am
– Lunch Cruise – Begins at 12:30 pm and ends at 2:30 pm
– Sunset Cruise – Most recommended. Begins at 5:30 pm and concludes by 7:30 pm
– Overnight stay on the cruise– One can check-in at 12:30 pm and check out by 11:30 am on the next day

Besides these, you can also, book the entire cruise for a banquet.

What are the charges for the Gokarna cruise?

The Gokarna cruise charges vary from INR 599 per person to INR 20000 for a stay on the boat. These depend on the package that one opts for. Here are the current rates –
– Breakfast Cruise – INR 599 per person
– Lunch Cruise – INR 1299 per person
– Sunset Cruise – INR 799 per person
– Overnight stay on the cruiseINR 15000 for a premium suite and INR 20000 for a family suite

How to book a Sunset cruise in Gokarna?

You can book your Sunset cruise in Gokarna by writing to coastlinekumuta@gmail.com or calling them on +91 95910 09900. Alternately, you can get onto their website and fill their contact form.

What is the best way to reach Tadadi port near Gokarna?

The closest airport to Gokarna is in Goa. It is around 140 km by road. You can either hire a cab at the airport or get a bus to Gokarna from Goa. The nearest railway station is at Ankola, which is 20 km from Gokarna town.

Once in Gokarna, you can hop into an auto-rickshaw to Tadadi port. The port is 6 km from the town.

Where to stay in Gokarna?

Gokarna has lots of resorts and home-stay options. I have experienced a stay at Jungle Lodges Om Beach resort which is a little away from the beaches. It is fairly clean and comfortable. My personal preference was Kudle beach resort which is closer to Kudle beach. You can look up both these places using the Booking resources below.

Travel and Photography Tips

  • Ensure that you book at least a day in advance and get a confirmation. The cruise sails if there are enough bookings. Also, the necessary arrangements need to be made if you plan to join the same.
  • The sea at the conflience can get really choppy. If you are prone to seasickness, please keep your medication handy.
  • Carry a telephoto lens if you wish to capture the sea shore during your cruise.

Booking Resources

  • You can book your hotel in Gokarna through Booking.com using the given link.
  • For any local tours, transfers and stays in the Coastal Karnataka region, you can get in touch with Ms. Poonam of Dream holidays, Manipal on +91 9686574959 or Mr. Roshan Pinto of RR Travels on +91 9845331926. They are specialists in this region and can arrange for a flawless travel experience here.
  • If you use Amazon for shopping for travel or any of your home needs, do consider using this link.
Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link. Thank you for supporting me with this.

P.S: I experienced the Sunset cruise in Gokarna as a part of my invite to visit Coastal Karnataka by India Tourism Bengaluru

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  1. I have heard a lot about Gokarna. But I have not been there, so your post was a good virtual tour. I could just feel the gulls and the dolphins coming out. An overnight cruise would be nice, but it seems a little too expensive for one night. However, the next best on my bucket list is the sunset cruise.

  2. I can certainly see that a sunset cruise in Gokarna would be the perfect way to finish a day in this delightful spot. I love seeing a new spot from the water. And those beaches and cliffs look lovely. Good to know you can buy different packages for the cruise.

  3. The Gokarna sunset cruise looks like a perfect evening out on the water. However I would probably splash out on the overnight cruise. This way I could experience sunset and sunrise. I bet they do good vegetarian food too!

  4. It’s sometimes lovely to have the vantage point of beaches from the water. I can see why paradise beach got its name, and it makes me want to take the drone over half moon to see if it’s shaped that way. A sunset sail would be lovely.

  5. I’m a big admirer of sunsets and lighthouses and what better way to take all its beauty in than a cruise. Setting sail along the coast as the sun slowly dips below the horizon is definitely unforgettable. India is known for its never ending list of attractions and I must say these Om and Half-moon beaches are now in my list.

  6. Nothing beats the feeling of being kissed by the sun and sprayed by the sea! They’re a great combination that will never go wrong. It’s nice that they offer various packages for different needs and budget.

  7. What an amazing post on Gokarna sunset cruise. And I can imagine what a wonderful sight it must have been to observe merging of the Aghanashini river into the Arabian sea. I loved the way you distinguished both. It’s indeed fascinating to observe, miraculous natural rock formations like the Om beach.

    • Like I said, the cruise was a sensorial experience and one of those things that you feel is the difference between the river and the sea – the sight, smell et al. Thanks for stopping by with a lovely comment, Puloma.

  8. Gokarna was my favourite place during my trip to Karnataka. Such a soothing and beautiful place populated by stunning beaches. I find it a great alternative to the touristy Goa. Would love to visit again in the near future.

  9. I was quite surprised to see a full family suite on a boat this size. Does that mean that if you booked the family suite you would probably have the whole boat to yourself? And how long does it take to do this cruise? Your sunset photos are beautiful and of course this looks like an amazing cruise!

    • I think you miss some of that info in the post. The cruise is just 2 hours. And while you can have the boat overnight, it stays docked. In the morning when it sets sail, there might be other people who have planned a cruise


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