A walk along the South Bank in London

The plan was to head to the London Eye and take a ride to see London city from atop but what happened that day was completely different and pleasantly so. After our trip to the British Museum, a small account of it here, we had planned to visit the London Eye and the Tower Bridge exhibition. A short taxi ride away, we rushed to the South Bank as planned. But some plans were meant to be changed.

London Eye_One of things to do in London
London Eye_One of things to do in London

As I got off the taxi, there it was – The London Eye against the bright blue sky-ย  a truly mesmerizing sight. Out with my camera, I captured the same in various angles, some here on my pinterest and instagram. As we approached the London Eye, we saw a huge queue, which gave us a feeling that we would have to wait for an eternity. Further, at the ticket window, we realised that we had missed the time block for the bundled tickets for the London Eye and the Tower Bridge Exhibition and the next lot would be available only after an hour or more.

ย A little disappointed, we decided to just wander around the South Bank and soak in a few sights. Needless to say, it turned out to be one of my most unforgettable and a pleasant experience. And here is why –ย 

Perfect backdrop for some lasting memories

Big Ben in the background, London
Big Ben in the background, London

With lovely blue skies (we were lucky that day), blue waters of River Thames and the lovely buildings in the back-drop, I had a great time clicking various pictures and sights for my memories. Each angle, each direction has something different to offer. The one shared above has Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in the backdrop. As you walk along the South Bank, there are plenty of other photo opportunities like some against the Tower bridge, some against the lovely blue Thames or the lovely buildings that are along the way.

Meet the Heroes

Mr Bean? in London
Mr Bean? in London

South Bank has numerous artists walking along and interacting with you. I was thrilled to meet Mr. Bean (not the real one ;-)) with his crazy antics that made us really go into splits. Don’t miss the teddy bear and the bananas he offered for a quick snap with him.ย 

Mr Hardy walking along South Bank in London
Mr Hardy walking along South Bank in London

Here is Mr. Hardy of the Laurel and Hardy fame, passing through. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

These artists are quite entertaining and are happy to pose for a few pictures for a pound or two. Besides these mimic artists, you have several musicians and dancers, performing at various intervals. It is amazing to see such talent on the streets. And every step that you walk along this bank. you will find something different and something completely out of the ordinary.

P.S – Watch out for those statues you might find around. Don’t get startled as they suddenly come to life when you are posing against them ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fun Activitiesย 

South Bank has some good fun activities for the kids – some carousels and games. Besides the same, there are also, skating rinks as well as skateboarding. The skateboarding place is open with a small seating on the outside – so if you are not participating, you can definitely witness some amazing skateboarding feats. What I loved the most here is the Fountain Maze.

Fountain Maze, South Bank in London
Fountain Maze, South Bank in London

Not just the kids but as adults, we went crazy with this fountain. Here is how it works – The fountain allows you to be within one of the four squares it has. However, you need to decide which square you want to be in and move quickly before the fountain starts else, you get trapped between the squares and are soaked thoroughly by the jet of water. It is fun guessing which square is going to get the spray and taking a gamble on the same. The fountain brings out the kid in you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is one more picture of the fountain.

Fountain Maze, South Bank in London
Fountain Maze, South Bank in London

ย Eat and Drink

ย There are plenty of eating options on the South Bank – from fast food to Mexican and meals. Plenty of dessert and drink options as well. So, if you are not up to any major activity, pick a place on the restaurant deck, order a drink or two and look out at the River Thames and the South Bank entertainment.

There are plenty of formal entertainment options – like the Florence Nightingale Museum, the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, London Dungeon, London Aquarium etc. You can find information on these here. Based on the places you wish to go, you can plan your day – Just for the South Bank, London.

On the whole, missing the London Eye did not seem like a big deal. What with the tons of entertainment that we had on the South Bank. So if you are in London, do keep aside time to soak up this cultural and fun experience on the South Bank of London while visiting the other highlights of England as described in this link – by my fellow blogger Jan.

South Bank London

Travel Tips for South Bank, London

  1. Here is the website on the South Bank, London.ย 
  2. There is plenty of walking around to be done, so wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes. The place is quite chilly even in the Summers.
  3. Be sure you check the weather before planning a day out here – the South Bank is best enjoyed when it is not cloudy or rainy.
  4. Reaching South Bank isn’t too hard as it is well connected by the Tube, Railway and Road. Reach out for the London transport guide here to plan your travel.
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  1. Wow.Excellent write up and photos.We can feel the enthusiasm while reading about the fountain which brings out the kid in us.Crazy to try these in real.

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