Singapore: The Dream Destination for“Me-Time”

Everyone needs some Me-time, more so for women! When do we find some time away from the hectic domestic and digital life? I know it’s hard, but it is something that we owe to ourselves. I was fascinated by the many travel blogs where girls are going on vacation and finding it enjoyable. To say I was jealous would be an understatement!

I started searching for the best locations where I could travel alone and guess what! The majority are rooting for Singapore! First things first! It’s easy to get a Singapore visa for Indians which has a longer validity and gives you multiple entries as well. Another advantage is that it is one of the safest cities for women and is perfect for solo travel.

Singapore - the perfect destination for solo travel
Singapore – the perfect destination for solo travel Image credits: Pixabay

I had the good fortune of visiting there for a short trip of 3 days. Though it is not enough, I have enjoyed it immensely. You can be safe and the small city is worth all the effort that you put into the travel plans.

Singapore is a small city and there is only as much you can travel. This way, one need not worry about getting lost. Even the accommodation can be easy to find and cheaper. Let me share with you my experience in the destinations, shopping and the basic travel tips on my dream trip.

Top 5 things to do in Singapore

Universal Studios

Singapore for Kids
Image Credits: William Cho via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 2.0

Universal Studios is a theme park where you can enjoy anything and everything from the rides to yummy food. You can book the tickets beforehand and come prepared. Carry a spare set of clothes in case you wanna try the water rides. Locker facility is available inside so you need not worry.

The best time would be a weekday, Monday-Thursday when the rush will be lesser. Wear comfy clothes and don’t forget to carry some good quality sun-screen. You can even book the tickets to Universal Studios in advance.

China Town

Visiting China Town - one of the things to do in Singapore
Visiting China Town – one of the things to do in Singapore Image Credits: Pixabay

China Town is part of Singapore’s rich culture. This area now hosts the old and new culture with Chinese food, medicines and even the temples of different kinds. One can easily spend a day surfing through the buildings along the street. Here are the few destinations that are on my bucket list.

Thian Hock Keng Temple:

This is among the oldest temples in Singapore. The temple was built in 1840 by Hokkiens. It showcases the architectural beauty in the form of carvings and designs on the walls and roofs. The astonishing part about this is that the artists have not used even a single nail on those designs. The main deity inside is the Goddess of Seas. This temple was initially along the coastline where the immigrants used to pay their first respect when arriving.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple:

This is a recently finished temple in 2007. It stands along the South Bridge road. The temple houses the Buddha’s tooth relic but the visitors do not get to see the actual one. It also serves as a museum that stores many Buddhist artifacts.

If you are keen to see some of the Buddha Relics, you should plan to attend the Kumbh Mela of the Himalayas. The Naropa Festival that takes place in Ladakh offers you a chance to see one of the 6 relics that Hemis Monastery owns. Every year, one of these relics is brought out for the devotees. Once in 12 years, a Maha Naropa festival takes place where all the relics are brought out. Check out this post on Naropa Festival to know more. 

Chinatown’s Maxwell food center:

No trip is complete without some proper and cheap food. This is where the Chinatown’s food center scores a mark. You can find all kinds of Chinese and Asian food here. No need to stand in long queues, there are so many stalls to visit.

Little India – a key place to visit in Singapore

An important Singapore Attraction - Little India
An important Singapore Attraction – Little India Image Credits: Pixabay

Little India is a small area in Singapore where you will find everything Indian. It is this cultural experience that makes it a part of almost all Singapore itineraries. Right from the garland stalls to the new textile shop, everything reminds you of India. It is the same as any shopping street with some added advantage of all kinds of food stalls and restaurants. You can choose your fill at a cozy South Indian vegetarian restaurant or the tandoori taste of the North cuisine.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay in Singapore
Marina Bay in Singapore Image Credits: Pixabay

The one thing you must include in your Singapore Itinerary is Marina Bay. The best time to visit it is towards the evening. You get to see the scenic view both in the daylight as well as in the night. Must say, that both the views are equally good but the night view has its magic. You can easily enjoy a few hours sipping a cup of coffee or other drinks and enjoy the view or simply roam around.

Orchard road

Orchard Road in Singapore
A great place for shopping in Singapore – Orchard Road Image Credits: Pixabay

Orchard road is nothing short of shopping therapy. The 2 km long road houses shops, shops, and only shops. You can spend an entire day playing dress-up and shop to your heart’s content. The best part of the solo trip for a girl is shopping tension-free and not having to wait upon anyone.

There is no specific destination when you need to have some alone time. A destination trip would help you unwind from the daily stress and would also give an opportunity to explore and see that you are truly YOU! In that respect, Singapore offers a safe and fun environment to travel alone. If you agree, just pin this up as your ready reckoner.

Singapore for solo traveler

Best time to visit Singapore

August to October will be the ideal time for visiting Singapore since during this time the weather is cooler. Singapore has an equatorial climate that can make you sweaty with the humid condition. The cool season would be a better option.

The Dress code

You can wear anything that you are comfortable in. Choose the clothes according to the climate. It is better to put on your walking shoes, on a solo trip you will be walking more. Remember to carry an umbrella as well as some sunblock.


Singapore is blessed with some good public transportation facilities. You can choose the same to reach any of your destinations.


There are several hotels and hostel facilities. You can choose the best option as per your taste and convenience.

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This post has been authored by Uma Pisharody. She is a Content Writer at Blinkvisa. A writer by profession and an artist by passion, she loves to read and travel a lot. Love for words turned this Life Science graduate into a writer. She believes, “Inspiration does not turn you into a writer. A writer turns her words into inspiration for others.”
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18 thoughts on “Singapore: The Dream Destination for“Me-Time””

  1. Singapore is an amazing place to travel. Thanks for sharing such information about this beautiful place, This was an amazing guide I must say. Thanks for the share. Cheers!!

  2. My husband grew up in Singapore and we love returning to eat at some of his favorite restaurants in Little India and totally agree it is a must-visit area. Singapore is such a safe city as you said and makes a great place for solo travel. I have yet to go to Universal and should go check it out.

  3. Wow! That’s an impressive list. I’m hoping to go there next year. Little India looks like a perfect Instragram spot! Ofcourse I wouldn’t miss Buddha’s Relics. Thian Hock Keng temple sounds interesting. I’d love to see that architecture that doesn’t use a single nail.

  4. I travel full-time and almost always travel solo so it is great to know that Singapore is another good destination for solo travel. I never knew there was a Universal studios there. I thought there was only one in Florida, haha! I love Indian food so I would want to check out Little India. I also love city lights and being by the water so Marina Bay appeals to me too 🙂

  5. Wow! There are so many fun things to do in Singapore! Is it weird that I’m a grown woman, but I really want to visit Universal? I would also love to see Marina Bay all lit up at night. It looks gorgeous!

  6. Been there twice yet not satiated. I particularly loved the photo opportunities there especially in Little India, one reason why I want to go back again. The idea of shopping there too is tempting.

  7. I am glad that you like and enjoyed your vacation in Singapore. As a country that is culturally diverse and very safe for all, even it tends to be expensive, still you can’t discount for safety travel. I can’t wait to have a long weekend this December for the holiday!

  8. Yes, we ladies sometimes crave for the “me-time” away from the domestic and digital life! And this me-time is good for us. Singapore looks like a perfect place for this. It has some great attractions and since visa is easier to get, I am sure Singapore will be a great choice for a solo trip.


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