All about the best beach in Dwarka – Shivrajpur Beach

The blue water turned white as it bubbled over my toes
The soft sand had my feet got enclosed. 
Even from a distance, I clearly saw the friendly fins
Waltzing with the gentle waves were the lively dolphins.
They seemed far but still within my reach
 But then, that was how everything was - on Shivrajpur beach.

How could I not be charmed when the clear blue water made me feel as if I could just reach out and touch the bottom of the ocean? Walking on the soft white sands of Shivrajpur beach and spotting colorful cowries of all sizes, witnessing an enchanting play of colors as the sun drowned into the sea and getting tempted by the choice of things to do – there is no way I could stop my own endorsement to the claim that Shivrajpur beach is the best beach in Dwarka. If my word is not enough, then an international certificate of being a Blue Flag beach will definitely add the temptation to visit Dwarka Shivrajpur beach.

Shivrajpur Beach - the best beach in Dwarka
Shivrajpur Beach – the best beach in Dwarka

Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka is actually 12 km from the main city on the Okha-Dwarka highway. After it earned its blue flag recognition, several eco-tourism initiatives were taken up for the Shivrajpur beach Dwarka. The Gujarat government has earmarked substantial investment to convert this blue flag beach into an attraction that will attract visitors from all across the world. With my recent trip to the Dwarka Shivrajpur beach, I saw the initial development here. I must say that it is quite impressive – done in a manner that enhances the natural beauty of Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka.

Before I take you through what made me fall in love with the best beach in Dwarka, a quick note on what are blue flag beaches.

What is a Blue Flag beach?

Blue Flag certification is an international recognition that is awarded to beaches, water bodies and sustainable tourism operators when they pass certain criteria. This was started by a Denmark-based non-profit organization called Foundation for Environmental Education. It began in France in 1985 and slowly spread to over 47 countries across the world.

Shivrajpur beach Dwarka is now a blue flag beach
Shivrajpur beach Dwarka is now a blue flag beach

The certification is based on the following parameters –  water quality, environmental management, environmental education and safety. All the applicants for the certificate must pass the stringent requirements in each of these parameters. Once they do so, they are termed Blue Flag beaches/ bodies. This Blue Flag status is valid only for a year and is reviewed at the end of the term. Currently, there are around 4500 bodies that have been given Blue Flags.  

Which are the Blue Flag beaches of India?

Currently, there are ten Blue Flag beaches in India. These include –

  1. Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island – Andamans
  2. Shivrajpur beach, Dwarka – Gujarat
  3. Ghogla beach – Diu
  4. Kappad beach, Kozhikode – Kerala
  5. Kasarkod, Honnavar – Karnataka
  6. Padupadri, Udupi – Karnataka
  7. Rushikonda, Vizag – Andhra Pradesh
  8. Golden beach, Puri – Odisha
  9. Kovalam beach – Kerala
  10. Eden beach – Puducherry

Considered as the cleanest beaches of the world, these beaches pass 33 of the measures required for a Blue Flag. In fact, they say that for a country to get 8 such beaches in a single attempt is quite a feat. Something that as an Indian, I am quite proud of.

Shivrajpur beach activities

A complete destination in itself – that is what Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka is. Not only do you get to enjoy the Arabian sea but also, get to do tons of beach activities. That is what makes this place even more attractive for travelers. So go on and find the complete list of things to do on Shivrajpur beach.

Swimming at Shivrajpur beach Dwarka

The safe swimming zone is clearly marked on Dwarka Shivrajpur beach
The safe swimming zone is clearly marked on Dwarka Shivrajpur beach

Seems a little obvious but I had to mention it as a separate point. For one, the clear water and the gentle waves make it an ideal place to enjoy the warm sea. The quality of water is monitored every day as required by the Blue flag certification process. What makes it even safer to swim on Shivrajpur beach is the fact that the depths and the swimming areas are clearly marked. You are allowed to only get into the water at those points. There are lifeguard stations at various points to ensure that the swimmers are safe and well within the shallow swimmable areas.

Lifeguard station on Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka
Lifeguard station on Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka

Even for those who are not adept at swimming, the sea near the Shivrajpur beach is safe. The sandy floor is devoid of stones and corals making it easy for people to just wade in and have some water fun.

Shivrajpur beach scuba diving & snorkeling

Ah-ha! Here comes my favorite activity. The dive sites around the beach are fairly easy for beginners, making this an ideal spot to learn diving too. There are quite a few PADI dive shops that can arrange these dives for you. These operators also, offer snorkeling. Remember to book this at least a day in advance and try to head there for the first dive or snorkeling trip of the day. That is when the clarity is the best!

The safe depths and the gentle waves make Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka a perfect place for doing your PADI certification
The safe depths and the gentle waves make Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka a perfect place for doing your PADI certification

The easy dives make it also, perfect for any looking to do a PADI certification course. If you are an advanced diver, you might want to give the Shivrajpur dive sites a skip and head to Bet Dwarka – just a few kilometers away. The Bet Dwarka dives will allow you to see the mysterious remains of the underwater city of Dwarka and sunken ships.

Boat rides & Jet Skis

Banana boat rides and jet skis - some of the Shivrajpur beach activities
Banana boat rides and jet skis – some of the Shivrajpur beach activities

If speed is your thing, then try out the Jet Skis and motorboat rides on the Dwarka Shivrajpur beach. I know of a lot of my friends, who just cannot resist these and they sure will be thrilled to feel the spray of the clean waters of this beach. You can even try the banana boat rides and the couch surfing out here.

ATVs on the shore

ATV rides on Shivrajpur beach
ATV rides on Shivrajpur beach

The flat expanse of the white sands makes ATV rides a pleasure on Shivrajpur beach Dwarka. There are a few operators on the beach itself that you can sign up with for that wet sandy ride. Trust me when I say, you can really go fast. I had to actually jump out of the way when a little guy suddenly sped up on his ATV. 🙂

Parasailing on Dwarka Shivrajpur beach

Parasailing on Dwarka Shivrajpur beach
Parasailing on Dwarka Shivrajpur beach

It is not just parasailing on the sea. At the Dwarka Shivrajpur beach, you can go parasailing over the sand too. The parachutes are attached to a jeep that takes you along the entire stretch of this magnificent beach.

Long walks from the lighthouse on Shivrajpur beach

Kachchigarh lighthouse on Shivrajpur beach
Kachchigarh lighthouse on Shivrajpur beach

Not everything on Shivrajpur beach is about adrenaline. A long stroll on the beach is a perfect way to enjoy its calm picturesque settings. For one, you can definitely get closer to the lighthouse that marks the beginning of Shivrajpur beach. This one called Kachchigarh lighthouse has an interesting history.

It was first built by Kachchh Maharao Deshalji in the 1720s. The tower was just 11m high and was a part of a fort. The tower acted as a beacon for the Kutchi ships but it did not have a proper lighting system. It was only in 1977 that a battery-operated light was placed on this tower. In 1983, the lighthouse got a facelift and was raised to a level of 30m. The lighting was changed to beam lamps. The lighthouse on Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka was affected by the 2001 Bhuj earthquake but thankfully, was restored quickly to its present shape.

Walking along the Shivrajpur beach - one of the must-do things here
Walking along the Shivrajpur beach – one of the must-do things here

Start here near the rocky outcrop and walk to the other end of the beach. You will be surprised by the tiny things that you are likely to find along the way. Find the ones that I saw in the next section.

P.S: Shivrajpur beach is disabled-friendly, making this stroll and the shore perfect for everyone to enjoy!

Spotting dolphins & unique shells

Cowrie shells that I found along the Shivrajpur beach
Cowrie shells that I found along the Shivrajpur beach

What did I spot on my Dwarka Shivrajpur beach stroll?

Tons and tons of cowrie shells – of different sizes and colors. A few clams and even tiny conch shells. Scuttling around there were vibrant crabs – some that I honestly have not seen earlier. As they ran into the water, I heard some more screams – “Dolphins”. I only saw a few disappearing fins but they were definitely there. Shivrajpur beach Dwarka definitely delighted me with its sights.

Catching the sunset on Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka

Sunset on Shivrajpur beach
Sunset on Shivrajpur beach

It is fascinating to see how the azure water gets a tinge of orange as the sun begins to move towards it. The shade turns into a crimson red and bright orange when the sun begins to touch it. As the sun drowns the orange fades into shades of purple and deep blue -finally turning to black when it swallows the ball of fire.

The entire scene unfolded within 15 minutes at dusk. Definitely, a sunset movie that you would want to catch on the Shivrajpur beach.

Play area and loungers

Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka
Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka

Having traveled with kids, I do know that there are a few who just do not like water. As a result, a lot of parents avoid beaches. With Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka, they no longer need to do that. The kids would just be as happy as their parents. The younger ones get to play in the designated playground on the beach but away from the water. At the same time, the parents get their dose of beach – not just by being on it but also, by taking up one of those sun loungers to relax and keep an eye on their wards.

Other facilities at Shivrajpur beach Dwarka

Shivrajpur beach map that outlines the facilities available here
Shivrajpur beach map that outlines the facilities available here

Besides the list above, you will find the following facilities on the Shivrajpur Dwarka beach.

  • First aid stations
  • Changing rooms that even rent out swim suits to you
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Drinking water stations
  • Jogging tracks and a gym (yes, you can work out by the beach)
  • Wheelchairs for the aged and disabled

There are no major food outlets here but a few quick bites are available. Shivrajpur beach is a no-plastic zone. The waste here is to be segregated into dry and wet waste. Appropriate dustbins are kept around the beach.

For the beauty that you enjoy at this pristine beach, the least we can do is keep it the way it is. That way not just you, but the future generation gets to enjoy this stunning shore. So, go on and get ready for your holiday to this blue flag beach of Gujarat. Share the post around so that the others get inspired too.

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Dwarka best beach shivrajpur
Shivrajpur Beach
Dwarka shivrajpur

How to get to Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka?

Shivrajpur beach is located 450 km from the capital of Gujarat -Ahmedabad. From Ahmedabad, you can take a road trip or book a train to Dwarka. If you plan to go by road, then you can follow this route –
Ahmedabad – Limbdi (via NH 47) – Doliya – Chotila – Rajkot – Jamnagar – DwarkaShivrajpur
The entire journey will take you around 9 hours. Most people go to Shivrajpur via Dwarka as they prefer checking into their hotel in the town. However, if you do not want to do the same, you can just by pass Dwarka and head to Shivrajpur via this route.

Ahmedabad – Limbdi (via NH 47) – Doliya – Chotila – Rajkot – Jamnagar – Gurgadh – Charakhla – Tupani – NageshwarShivrajpur

In case you plan to fly down, then the closest airports would be Jamnagar or Porbandar. From either of these two towns, you will have to hire a car or hop onto a train for Dwarka. The Jamnagar route is as mentioned above. The Porbandar route is as below –
Porbandar Airport -Kuchhadi – Bhogat (via NH 51) – Baradia – Dwarka
The total journey time is 1 hour 30 minutes if you opt for Porbandar.

When is the best time to visit Shivrajpur beach?

In terms of season, the best time to get to Shivrajpur beach Dwarka is winter – that is from October to early April. September too, would not be a bad time to try the beach. Summers are very hot here and monsoons can get a little harsh.

Shivrajpur beach timings are from 8 am to 7 pm. I highly recommend staying here for the sunset. Hence, if you have limited hours, do keep aside the 2nd half of the day to enjoy Dwarka Shivrajpur beach.

What are the entry fees for Shivrajpur beach?

The Shivrajpur beach entry fee is INR 30 per adult.

Where to stay on Shivrajpur beach?

The only possible accommodation on Shivrajpur beach is tents. Shivrajpur beach camps can be booked using the booking resources below. Other than this camping option, there are no other hotels by the beach. Your next option is to book a hotel in Dwarka. There are several options in the town that cater to all possible budgets.

What should I pack for Shivrajpur beach, Dwarka?

Here is a handy list of things that you should pack for Shivrajpur beach –
– Beachwear & swimsuits. You can even hire a swimsuit at the beach
– Towels
– Sunscreen
– Sunglasses
– Flipflops
– Snacks and water. There are no major food outlets on the beach. Water is, however, available.

Can you swim in Shivrajpur beach Dwarka?

Yes, of course. In fact, it is one of the most recommended beach activities on this Dwarka beach owing to its shallow and safe sea floor. To make it even safer, there are designated areas that have been marked on the beach for swimming. Lifeguards keep a constant watch.

Does Shivrajpur Beach allow alcohol?

No, alcohol is not legally permitted on Shivrajpur beach – in fact, in the entire Gujarat state. The state has a blanket liquor ban.

Which are the other places to see near Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka?

From Shivrajpur beach, there are quite a few places that are just a drive away. Here are some suggestions –
Dwarkadhish temple in Dwarka
Gomti Ghats
Rukmini Devi Temple
Beyt Dwarka island

Booking Resources

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P.S: I was at Shivrajpur beach by invite from Gujarat tourism

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  1. This looks like my kind of beach! Sandy, wide and plenty of space to do activities or just relax. I must say, my favourite thing is to watch the sun set. It’s so underrated sometimes but it also relaxes me and makes me smile.

  2. I’ve not heard of blue flag beaches. That’s wonderful to read there is a rating and that there are so many that have reached that status. They all sound wonder beach holidays.

    • Not many know about the Blue flag beaches across the world. It is definitely a good tag to have as it does help preserve the beach better

  3. Shivrajpur beach Dwarka looks like a fabulous place to explore. ATV rides and parasailing are wonderful activities to explore. I would love to visit the Dwarkadheesh temple and heard it’s a beautiful place for pilgrimage.

  4. I think I heard about blue flag beaches from one of your articles before. I would like to spend time here at Shivarajpur Beach. Clean, wide, and so many activities. Parasailing here looks fun, and of course the beautiful sunset is not to miss.

    • Am glad you read about the Blue Flag beaches earlier on the blog. I am sure now that you are familiar and prepared for this place, you will have a great holiday here.

  5. This is cool! Didn’t know we have 10 blue flag beaches in India. Gujarat is a completely unexplored state for me. Would love to explore it extensively. Rann of Kutch is something that always intrigued me. Adding Shivrajpur beach to the list.

    • Indeed an achievement to get so many blue-flags at one go. Clearly shows how underestimated our shores are. I hope to see them all and I hope you get to Shivrajpur soon.

  6. I recently visited Kasarkod in Honnavar and that is when I read about the blue flag beach. It is so cool that there have been these initiatives to manage and maintain the beaches. Unfortunately, I did not visit Shivrajpur beach when I visited Dwarka the last time. I wish to visit it someday.

    • The Honnavar beach is as gorgeous as the Shivrajpur one. I have been there too -before it got the tag as well as after. Am so glad that it was found and is being maintained like Shivrajpur beach

  7. I have not heard about this beach before but wow, it’s packed with potentially fantastic adventures!
    It’s such a huge place that I’m sure it makes it challenging to sustain its blue flag beach status. I hope they maintain it this way that it is not too commercialized so that the future generations will still be able to explore it.

    • True that – the scale does make it difficult but they are doing a great job at Shivrajpur. It has got the certification 2nd time in a row.

  8. Shivrajpur beach looks so pristine and divine especially at the time of sunset. I would love to visit all blue flagged beaches as I really like to enjoy the sunrise or sunset views on these beaches sides. Amazing post Ami.

    • Actually not surprised that Goa isn’t on it. The beaches need to qualify on a lot of parameters and when you visit one of the blue flagged beaches, you will realize why Goa beaches might not qualify.


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