Climbing High on the Q1 SkyPoint Climb in Gold Coast

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I wonder if you lovely readers had a glimpse of me walking on Glass on the 68th floor of the Komtar tower in Penang. In case you have missed that, you can catch it here. For those of you who recall, remember how fast your heart started beating when you saw the busy streets below. I remember how a lot of you thought that I was crazy brave to have done that. Well, now you will think I am crazy mad to have climbed outside a building from its 77th floor. Yep – I did that at the Skypoint Climb in Gold Coast!!!

sitting on that glass on the 68th floor, Komtar Penang
A piece of cake, sitting on that glass on the 68th floor, Komtar Penang

From the 77th floor, I climbed outside the tallest building of Gold Coast – Q1 and ascended around 300 more steps. It might have been the 2nd tallest building in Southern Hemisphere but it sure was high. However, when you have scintillating views accompanied with the right dose of adrenaline, there is no way that you will not enjoy this experience. How about giving it a shot virtually first – with me – as I share this unforgettable thing to do in Gold Coast.

About the SkyPoint Climb at Q1

The SkyPoint Climb as seen from Surfer's Paradise in Gold Coast
The SkyPoint Climb as seen from Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast

Built inΒ 2005, Q1 is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. The initial structure just had an observation deck on the 77th floor that gave a lovely 360 view of Gold Coast. Later, a new construction was undertaken to create an external climb to this already tall building. In 2011, the highest external building climb in Australia was opened to the daring. The already 230 m high building now had an additional 40 m, creating an opportunity to literally be on the top of Gold Coast. With the right safety precautions and a beautiful 90 min long experience, the SkyPoint Climb in Gold coast has become one must-do activity in Queensland.

Butterflies in an empty stomach

To tell you the truth, when I saw the pictures on the internet, I already had butterflies in my tummy. Thanks to my friend Hina’s constant encouragement, I quelled a few as I got ready to climb up the man-made Everest of Gold Coast. Up and out of our hotel, we headed straight to Q1 as our first stop for “Brekkie” that morning.

Before we went for our first meal of the day, we stopped by at the reception of the SkyPoint Climb to deposit our favored contraptions for the climb. Typically, no cameras are allowed on this high climb but since we were the favored bloggers, we were allowed one. The chosen gadget was to be safely tagged and bound with tapes so that the only way they would fall is if we fell first. (Gulp!).

The Skypoint Observatory Deck at Q1, Gold Coast
The Skypoint Observatory Deck at Q1, Gold Coast

Having signed our disclaimer forms, we were escorted to the high-speed elevator that took us to the 77th floor in flatΒ  43 minutes. Yep, no typos here – FORTY-THREE SECONDS from the ground floor to 77th floor. I had to attempt a very un-fashionable yawn to release the little bubble in my ear and equalize the pressure!

The smell of Fresh Ground Coffee greeted us at the SkyPoint Observation Deck. The Breakfast Spread did look scrumptious but I somehow, could not taste it all. In fact, I don’t recall what I ate for when views from the 77th floor made me realize how far the ground really was. The unease and fear aggravated the butterflies in my empty stomach and I just could not wait to finish the 90 minutes of bravado that I had undertaken.

Prep for the SkyPoint Climb

Harnessed and safe at the SkyPoint Climb
Harnessed and safe at the SkyPoint Climb

Done with whatever I ate, we made our way back to the ground floor for our briefing. Once clothed in those special grey overalls, we were instructed to start wearing our harness. Of course, prior to the outfit, we were to empty our pockets and leave all our belongings in the locker. The only thing that you are allowed to carry is a cap (if you have one) and your sunglasses. Even these are securely fastened to your special climb suit.

Our Guide for the day at the SkyPoint Climb in Gold Coast
Our Guide for the day at the SkyPoint Climb in Gold Coast

All suited and ready, we followed our guide for the day in the same elevator, back to the 77th floor. Choosing to be in the middle, we lined up outside the glass door that led you out of the building high above the land. With our guide in the front, one by one, we were handed out a contraption like a magnetic nook that fastened us securely to the railing. “Drag and climb” – said our guide – “And Don’t worry, you are now only going to be released once you are back through the door“. Words of comfort? Don’t know!

Step one followed by two

Typically when you step onto a glass skywalk or if you try out one of those rides at a height, you can just close your eyes and scream your guts out. However, what do you do when you have to “Drag and climb”?. With no choice but open eyes, I gingerly stepped outside the building.

Start of the SkyPoint Climb
Start of the SkyPoint Climb

I hazarded a look below only to be pleasantly relieved that the metallic mesh of the staircase obstructed the busy streets of Gold Coast. To some extent, this was a soothing balm and with a determined look ahead, I slowly climbed up. This was the first time that I had the camera in my hand and I could not even think of using it. It was just one single point focus of safely putting one leg above the other and climbing.

After the first 15 steps. I relaxed. Somehow, this was safe. It was secure and it felt right! Drag and climb – now that was easy enough. My fear gave way to my inherent shutterbug, and I got the camera working.

Gold Coast as never seen before

The Southern Coastline of Gold Coast stretching towards New South Wales
The Southern Coastline of Gold Coast stretching towards New South Wales

Once we had reached the apex of the climb, it was hard not to gasp – not out of fear but of seeing a beautiful Gold Coast around. The endless shoreline with its glistening blue waters and Golden sands – now I know why this place was called Gold Coast. Our guide first got us to release a few grapples on the harness so that we could walk around while being still attached to the railing. The first thing we did were a few pictures of us where we looked as if we were stepping off the building.

Stepping out at the SkyPoint Climb
Stepping out at the SkyPoint Climb
Atop the SkyPoint Climb in Gold Coast
Atop the SkyPoint Climb in Gold Coast

Once the trick photography session was done, our guide oriented us to the various views of the city. While on one side we could see the entire Surfer’s paradise, our hotel QT and Broadway, on the other side, at the far end was the rainforest Hinterland.

The merging waters of Gold Coast
The merging waters of Gold Coast
The blue waters of Gold Coast
The blue waters of Gold Coast
The Gold Coast bungalows around the canals
The Gold Coast bungalows around the canals

It was quite illuminating to see the Gold Coast city from atop the SkyPoint climb for I never realized that it has a lovely network of canals. Our guide mentioned that these were infested with Sharks that came in from the sea. He also, told that just the day before, they had spotted the first whale of the season. Given a few more days, these sightings from the SkyPoint Climb would be quite normal.

The sharks infested canals of Gold Coast
The sharks infested canals of Gold Coast
More of the interiors of Gold Coast
More of the interiors of Gold Coast

At the far end, I could see a stadium that I believe, was a part of the Commonwealth Games. And around it, in the center of the surrounding canals, were the homes of the wealthy – most of who keep it as their holiday home!

Descending to reality

When I started the climb, I was counting every minute for I was anxious to get it over with. However, with that fear gone, I forgot about theΒ ticking clock and before we knew it, it was time to descend back to reality. I would have loved to do the descend with my head turned towards the staircase, but our guide and our harnessed hands had it that we had to descend face out.

The Steep descend of Skypoint Climb
The Steep descend of Skypoint Climb

Again it took me a few steps to get acclimatized and then, it was a breeze. This time I kept my face up, trying to capture every little scene that I could from this height. I could not believe that I had done it. The SkyPoint Climb in Gold Coast was a breeze. Not at all scary and just perfect to see the reason why Gold Coast city is called so.

Now that you have had a taste of this, don’t you think you can take on the challenge of the SkyPoint Climb in Gold Coast? Am sure you can and have pinned it as the thing to do when in Gold Coast.

Getting here

  • Gold Coast is well connected by air to the rest of the world. There are plenty of airlines like Flyscoot Airlines that fly in regularly from the key cities of the world.
  • Q1 is located in Surfer’s paradise that is central to the Gold Coast city. You can get here by using a tram or a cab or even a bus. Click this linkΒ to get the location on your phone.

Travel Tips

  • You can access the official website of the SkyPoint Climb in Gold Coast by clicking this link. The website gives you the latest rates for booking this climb.
  • There is a Day-Time climb as well as a Twilight climb that you can opt for
  • You are not allowed any cameras or phones when you do the SkyPoint Climb. You will need to leave them in the lockers that are provided here.
  • The overalls used for climbing as well as the harness are provided by the team.
  • The SkyPoint climb is extremely safe. The staircase is closed at both ends by a railing and the stairs have a sturdy flooring. All through the climb, you are locked to the railing and that itself makes the climb secure.
  • Please listen to the briefing and instructions given by the guide. As long as you follow the same, there is no cause for fear.
  • The SkyPoint Deck on the 77th floor has a lovely restaurant where you can book yourself for a breakfast or dinner. The deck also allows you a 360 view of the city in a closed setting.

P.S: I visited Gold Coast by invite from Queensland Tourism in collaboration with Flyscoot Airlines

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56 Responses

  1. Chaitali Patel

    Brave girl! Those views are just fabulous! I would love to try this and yes Australia seems to be the best place to do all this adventurous stuff.

    • Ami

      Ha ha…thank you. It was actually quite safe after a point. Just the initial jitters. Loved it anyway.

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Who Ami! Scary stuff. Fear of heights is one of those terrors I am working on. I did face it a few times over the past 3 months in New Zealand via its daring swing bridges. Still feeling nervous thinking of the bouncing bridges high above gorges. You rock.

    • Ami

      This place maybe a good start. Every bit was so well secured. U might just find it easier to handle the heights when u do this. Plus the views just ease it

    • Ami

      It was a piece of cake after sometime for the views take over your fear πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by

  3. Kavita Favelle

    Yep, definitely crazy! There is something similar at the Macau Tower, they offer walks around a ledge on outside, as well as bungee jumps, and also a climb up where the antenna is at the very top. I stayed very safely inside the whole time!

    • Ami

      It feels scary at first but after the first few steps it was alright. I recommend that you try it if you can, especially at Gold Coast. With their safety standards, you might like it.

  4. Amy @ Family Globetrotters

    I am terrified of heights so hats off to you for doing it and wow…… wasn’t that so worth it?? The view is absolutely stunning and you coulnd’t have picked a more beautiful day to do it. I’m taking some Danish friends to the GC early next year. Maybe I’ll work up the courage to do it too!

    • Ami

      Thank you Amy. It was so so worth it. And maybe, this is a great place to conquer heights as it is in a safe environment. Go for it!

  5. Amar singh

    Wow. Heights. What a post and some amazing views. Must be a great experience but one if you not afraid of heights. Surely one to put on my list. Thanks fir sharing a great post with equally amazing visuals.

    • Ami

      Glad you liked it, Amar. I hope you can make it here and experience the thrill for yourself.

  6. Anne

    Now this is my kind of outing. I love tall buildings and activities involving heights even though they freak me out a little. Fantastic views and if this had been open when I was there I would definitely have been going up there. Reminds me of the outfits for the Sydney bridge climb

    • Ami

      This should be a fun thing to do. Love the thrill and the views that I experienced. I am sure if you liked the Sydney climb, you will love this one. Go for it the next time. πŸ˜€

  7. Tracie Howe

    What a beautiful place to do this adrenaline pumping activity! If I were to have any hesitation to do this, I think the views would win me over. Sounds like fun… I think! πŸ˜‰

    • Ami

      You got that right, Tracie. The Views will take over your fear and you will love it. Cheers

  8. sherianne

    What is it with Australia wanting to dress you in grey jumpsuits, hook you to cable and walk up high places? Looks as amazing as the bridge climb

    • Ami

      I think they do know how to get rid of those butterflies. πŸ˜€ It is amazing out here. Thanks a bunch for stopping by

  9. Sarah

    At first I was surprised that you’re not allowed to bring a camera. But of course it makes sense, as a safety precaution. Those views are amazing!

    • Ami

      We were privileged owing to it being a press trip. Else I would have to leave the camera behind. It makes sense to leave all your belongings so that you can concentrate on the moment and the safety there.

  10. Punita Malhotra

    What a view and that city down there looks so lovely. I have a thing with heights, so I think I just ticked off my experience with Skyclimb virtually with you today πŸ™‚ I can see how much you enjoyed it, though!

    • Ami

      Thank you Punita. If you want to just challenge yourself on this heights fear, maybe this should be a good start. It is so safe that you forget that you are at a height. Plus the views help

  11. Mimi

    Omg this is so awesome I want to do it! Totally the type of activity we like to do when we travel. Feel like there is wayyyyy more security though, did that made you feel less excited? Want to do the Sydney bridge climb too, you should check it out

    • Ami

      I think the security helped me stay calm. πŸ˜€ I sure want to try the Sydney bridge next. Thanks for stopping by

  12. Rosemary

    Bravo!! I was nervous just reading about your experience. Wow, you are a lot braver than I ever will be. What a fascinating experience though. You captured great shots. What an incredible view!!

    • Ami

      Thank you Rosemary. It does take some courage for the first few steps and then it is a piece of cake. Give it a shot sometime.

  13. Ghia Lorenzo

    Ohh wow! I just love the beach and the breath taking experience climbing at the Q1 Skypoint.How I wish I could try it also and enjoy the view and the gorgeous beach. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Holly

    That is one fast elevator. That is great that they let you take the camera and basically strapped it to you lol. Those views are so beautiful too.

    • Ami

      Guess, those were some privileges of a press trip and am glad for it. Hope you can try this out too. Cheers

  15. Chris Bloomfield

    I am glad you overcame the fear to get to see such an amazing view. We have climbed some tall places on our adventure and I always get nervous while doing it. I might have to overcome my fear of heights to climb to the top of the Skypoint because it looks gorgeous up there.

    • Ami

      With the security they have, am sure you will find it easy to overcome your fears. Hope you get to go. Cheers

  16. Sandy N Vyjay

    This was an extremely thrilling adventure for Thrilling Travels, I am sure. As I read through the post, I felt like I was watching an episode of “Khatron Ke Khiladi”, and expected Rohit Shetty to emerge from the shadows anytime! At this rate, you may be picked up for their next episode, who knows! On a serious note, the climb looks exhilarating and the views are something really out of the world.

    • Ami

      Most likely Rohit Shetty would have asked me to jump off that building which in no circumstances I would want to do. He he . Either ways, it was a fun experience and am glad I went ahead and did this. Cheers

  17. Indrani

    Amazing height and the views from there. The network of canals as you pointed out is mind blowing. It takes some time for me too to settle at heights. Climbing that metallic staircase without looking below can be challenging.

    • Ami

      Actually, the way they have build this climb, looking down is not so bad. And the safety is what makes one comfortable. The views as you said, were just mindblowing and am glad I was able to savor those. Thanks for stopping by, Indrani

  18. Bhusha

    Whoa! That is super cool… I’d totally love to feel the heart racing and thumping up there… Climbing outside the building is definitely the best part. Though you may have a great view with glass all around, feeling the wind on your face is the best way to experience it!

    • Ami

      Oh yes, being in the open beats the glass views. I loved it and am glad I went through this. Thanks for stopping by, Bhushavali

  19. Kirstie

    I will enjoy that since I don’t have fear of heights. Must be amazing and thrilling! πŸ˜€ The view is beautiful!

    • Ami

      Thanks Kirstie. You will definitely be more adventurous than me when you go there. Cheers

  20. Tales of Travelling Sisters

    First of all the picture of the Skywalk climb and your description reminded us of the movie Mission Impossible! This is such an incredible experience of viewing gorgeous Gold Coast from the 77th floor, truly an uninterrupted view! And shark in canals sounds a bit scary πŸ˜‰

    • Ami

      The sharks in the canals does put a stop to reckless swimming but the shores around are shark-free and amazing. Either ways, discovering Gold Coast from up there was illuminating. Thanks for your lovely comment, Suma and I hope you can visit here soon.

  21. Mike

    Holy shnikeys…Were those stairs in the photograph the ones you walked up (i didn’t see any photos of you on the stairs). And is there no outside railing, or glass there? Jeez…you are so brave. Not sure I could handle the heights.

    • Ami

      Ha ha Mike. Hardly wanting to do any selfies while I get over the fear of climbing those steps. Besides the strapped camera did make it difficult to point in. Either ways, had a good time. Thanks for stopping by

  22. Suruchi Mittal

    OMG! What an experience you had girl. I was getting goosebumps while reading it but after seeing the pictures, I was like its so damn worth it. The view is breathtaking. We would love to do it for sure. Beautiful well written post.

    • Ami

      Thank you Suruchi. I am glad that I took that courage to step out. Was worth every bit of that view.

  23. Jennifer Melroy

    I love the I shall no sue if I die forms. Walking outside up that high sounds like a lot of fun. The view is so amazing. I love how blue the water.

    • Ami

      Those disclaimer forms always add a lump to my already large lump in my throat. πŸ˜‰ Necessary I guess but well, scary. Thanks for stopping by

  24. Medha Verma

    I am so going to do this when I visit Gold Coast next year in March. I have just begun to plan my itinerary so this post has come at the right time because I am adding this to my list! It is a little bit like Walking on the Edge of Toronto’s CN Tower, which I absolutely loved! To be honest, I am not scared of heights at all so I end up enjoying these kind of things, purely. Thanks for the inspiration, you’re soon going to see my pictures here too πŸ˜‰

    • Ami

      Yay! Looking forward to your pics Medha. You know where to ask if you want more info. Cheers

  25. susmita kapoor

    OMG, these are just greatest photo on internet.. everybody is falling in love with these beautiful photos… i am looking at skypoint climb first time… keep sharing friend…i am your regular reader. πŸ™‚

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